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Light Smoker and Urine test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Freakout, May 28, 2010.

  1. Hi Everyone. I have a urine test next week and was wondering if I should be concerned.
    I smoked some Mary Jane about 70 days ago. Before that I have not done it in 15 years. Freind of mine gave me a small piece and tried it 3 times over 7 days. The piece was about the size of a fingernail. Threw half of it away after I did this:

    First time - Didnt feel much. Maybe relaxed.

    4 days passed.

    Second time - Felt something. Kinda nice.

    2 days passed

    Third time - PARANIOD! TERRIBLE!!:eek:

    Threw the rest away.

    Up to now I have been weed free for over two months. I eat right. Lots of fish, vegtables, and oatmeal. Weight train 4 days a week with some challenging cardio.

    I am 5'10" tall - 195 pounds. Doctor told me once that I am muscular and 180 pounds would be ideal weight.

    Went to walgreens and got two test kits. Tested myself right away and was negative.


    Tested myself upon awakening. First Void. Came up negative.

    Im still stressed and cannot sleep. Can someone tell me if I will be ok? I just want to enjoy my weekend. Its a job that will be life changing. Never thought I would get the job because it was very competitive.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. As a rule, even if you are a SUPER heavy smoker and somewhat overweight, after 60 days, you'll be clean on a urine test.

    you only smoked a few times, you're not overweight, and you're really active. You would have been clean in about 2-3 weeks- probably even sooner. It's been 70 days. You're fine.

    Don't stress.
  3. it sounds to me like you had a false postive on that home test because after 2 months, especially with regular working out and drinking water, there i no way the thc is still in your system especially with just smoking 3 times...but there is one big time you are gunna throw away bud, send it to meeeee!!!! :smoke: but seriously relax, enjoy your weekend, and dont stress you are deffinitely gunna pass :wave:
  4. Just came back from test site. Tested myself before going. Came up negative. So freaking nervous. Cant eat cant sleep. Just want this to be over.
  5. A piece like a fingernail lol you could get that out so fast.
  6. if your test results come out positive, i will personally pay you whatever salary that job offered you. theres NO WAY you'll fail haha
  7. Dude if you smoked that much THREE WEEKS ago, you probably would have passed. If it's been TEN WEEKS, there's no possible way you could fail.
  8. Stupid thread is stupid.

    You could've SO EASILY just looked this up and got an answer that would make you feel dumb for making this thread. Pleassseee just go look this stuff up. It would take just as much effort to look it up as to make this thread.

  9. You also could have just as easily not taken the time to click and read this thread. This guy wanted answers based on his specific situation, his weight, amount, and lifestyle. Perhaps he already did research and wanted reassurance from people who know what they are talking about.

    Your attitude is unfriendly. If you don't want to read things such as this, you should find a new forum section to hang out in.
  10. You were clean like 40 days ago, and still are. :)
  11. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. The guy at the lab said that I will have the results maybe tomorrow.

    Judging by what everyone tells me I think I will be ok. One of my freinds told me that I will be ok too. Its just the thought of getting a positive on a drug test that is so daunting.

    I really dont smoke weed often. Tried it and didnt like it. Im not familiar with clean times and such.

    I did search. Searched alot. I feel that I have a unique situation because I smoked so little farther back than most people who ask about this. Most people who ask this type of question may ask:

    "Smoked a bowl last weekend and have a test tomorrow. Will I pass?"


    "Heavy smoker for 2 years with 30 days clean. Piss test in a week. Will I pass?"

    My situation is different. Not typical.

    Any further encouragement is greatly appreciated!!:)
  12. Your situation is actually extremely typical. You just don't see many threads about people who had a piss test 70 days after smoking, because with 2 minutes of searching, you can easily find out that the THC is completely out of your system. It's the people who smoked a week before the drug test that are the ones who worry most, thus all the threads regarding that situation.

    Don't take that the wrong way, I'm not bashing you and I'm not saying this thread is dumb. But yeah, I'm pretty sure that you literally couldn't keep THC in your system for 70 days after smoking a few times if you tried to. The only way you could fail the test is if something else triggered it, like medication. That's why they usually ask you what medications you're on before they give you the test.
  13. Thats cool. I did see THC times in the body. But wanted to ask for my particilar situation. I know your not bashing be and what you said makes me feel a little better.
  14. Lol, 70 days, dude you could have smoked the entire worlds weed supply 70 days ago and still passed a test. Dont even think about worrying, you could show up dehydrated and still pass.
  15. If you smoked every day for years then you should be clean on a urine test after 70 days lol. Hair tests are a little different, you'd be fucked on that probably. I don't know of any jobs that hair test though.
  16. FBI, DEA, etc ;)
  17. Initially thats what I was worried about. When I thought it was a hair follicle test I was scared, then I found out it was a urine analysis. Then I was releived. But then as time went by I would ask myself, what if there was some THC left over, what if there was stored in my fat then suddenly released the day of the test. My mind was really going wild.
    Its funny. I was praying for a UA but now that I got one i should be worry free.
  18. Just wanted to let you guys and gals know that I passed my drug test.

    Thank you all for your kind and comforting words during this extremely stressful time.

    I will probably never smoke weed again due to the stress it caused me.

    This is a cool forum with lots of really nice people. Thanks for your help!!!
  19. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with MaryJane. My first REAL time was similar, I didn't enjoy it. But once you smoke in a controlled environment with a couple of buddies, it gets better, trust me. You just have to try to be calm.

    Ohh and btw, your drug test will come back negative 100% sure.
    Take it easy,


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