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  1. Just set up my new viparspectra P1000 light in my 2x2 tent 16 in above northern lights autoflower plants in there 3rd week but I can't find information on what brightness. Settings are 25, 50, 75 and 100.

    Also I gave the 4 in inline fan on but its 83° inside the tent.
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  2. Sure you know your light is a 100w led light the 25 50 75 and 100 is the dimmer switch .
    25 is the percentage of the max the light produces , 25% of 100 watts is 25 watts .
    Turn the light on max, that light is not enough.
    You need 35 to 40 watts per square foot of grow space. You have 4 square feet of grow space in your 2x2 tent .
    Your tent requires 140 to 160 watts LED lighting . You may end up with airy buds.
    I try to keep my grow room temperature at no more then 75degrees F

    You want the inline fan sucking the hot air out of the top of the tent .
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  3. [​IMG]

    That should be what your light is putting out at various distances, knob settings will correspond. Depending on the life cycle stage of the plant, you may need to be putting 250 to 1,000+ umol/s onto it to get good buds.

    Depending on where you ask or look on the internet, you'll find rough guides like this (from dutch-passion blog), personally I think these numbers are on the low end, but every grow is different.

    PPFD During Seedling Phase 100-150 μmol/m2/s
    PPFD During Vegetative Phase 300-400 μmol/m2/s
    PPFD During Flowering Phase 600-700 μmol/m2/s

    In the end, to get the best crops, you will probably have to fool around with the light some every few weeks to get the plants the max light they need without frying them.
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  4. At the time the light and inline fan is 100 %, the small black fan above the plants is on full and the temps went from 77° f to 83° f in no time. If I went with 140 to 160 watts light it just seems the heat would be greater. Did I buy a bad light and if so what would you recommend that's not a heater like this one.
  6. Well it says it consumes 100 watts however my watt meter shows 115 watts and the leds are 100° f. worse yet is the top. It's 103 °, Is it normal for the tent to heat up so much.
  7. you said you have a 4 inch inline exhausting the hot air from the tent (different from an oscillating fan on the plants), like brass said, are you venting out the top (where the hot air wants to go)?

    I always try to set each grow so that cool air from the floor comes in the tent, passes through the canopy and lights, taking the heated air as it passes the light right out the top of the tent (and bringing in more cool air via negative pressure it creates) Something like this where the hot air naturally wants to pass over the plants, the hot light, and up out the dryer hose at the top.

    From your light I'm assuming you are probably in like a 2x2 tent, so your airflow might look something closer to this:

    Lastly, whats the average day and night temps in the room where you tent sits? Much harder to cool a tent down when the air its pulling in is already 80F+ than off a cool 65F basement floor. Obviously you might not have that option available, but if you are having heat problems I'd be remiss not to mention that your surrounding room air temp can play a big deal with that.

    Without ever having used your particular light, not sure about temps, but I can tell you I've had 2x2 size lights (FS-1000 / TS-1000 from spider farmer and mars hydro) that definatly get too hot to touch in some places just through normal operation.

    Hope this helped, best of luck mate
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  8. what is the temp out side of the tent ? suck the hot air out of the top of the tent .
    Open lower tent flaps

    Cheaper LED diodes emitt more heat then the better LED chips on the market .
    I buy HLG
    HLG 150 PATRIOT – Horticulture Lighting Group
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  9. Yes it's a 2x2x4 tent, 4 in inline fan is at the top pulling air out of the tent, vents on the bottom is both open and I have a 6 in fan down in the middle on full. My bed room is at 77° f and I would have assumed the tent should be 1-2 degrees warmer than my room but it's now 81 °f and 45% humidity. I have managed to get the humidity back up though.
  10. Tent is short ... not enough ventilation , Humidity holds heat ....
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  11. So a design flaw or ?, two bottom vents open and a 4 in inline fan on top pulling air out but humidity is dropping. It's now 42 % humidity.
  12. Possibly, here is a 2x2 with a 150W draw Mars Hydro TS-1000 light, setup with vent and exhaust as I described above. Ambient air temp was 77, gauge in the tent about 2.5 feet below the light said 81F. (had to go check my notes on the ambient vs tent temps for that tent for that day) The RH in the tent was 72%

    Normally my fan would be angled down on the plants, but its reversed for now as they were 2 days out of the ground and too tiny to be blown about yet.
    Quite possible your light may be just be less efficient than mine, which isn't the end of the world, worst case do you have like a floor AC vent you can set the tent near to make the make up air cooler?

    Just be careful, a 2x2x4 not only heats up quick, it also cools off quick, so keep a steady eye on temps in the tent if there is somewhere cool you could get intake air from, that you don't make it too cold.
  13. With modern leds you only need 25-30w ft2
    The old 600w hps would need 40-45w ft2 and they cover upto 4ftx4ft.
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  14. What is the out side of the tent room temperature.
    Grow tents are designed to keep the light inside the tent .......
    Maybe you need the lights on at night when your house is cooler ?

    My grow tent 4x8 x 7.5 a total of about 1600 watts when in flowering
    Outside grow tent temperature or inside home temperature is 68.F inside grow tent temp is about 74 degrees F with everything on.
    top of my HLG led lights is 78.degrees F
    I have a row of twenty inch fans blowing down on my lights and plants set on low.
    20190526_110911 (1).jpg

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  15. Ok the tent looks about the same as my Mars Hydro 2x2 tent, the tent is setting next to my window AC. Reading the specs on your TS-1000 light I understand why mine was $80.
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  16. IMO 30 watts Per square foot of grow space would be the bare minimum.
    LED lighting has low light penetration. I average about 50 watts per square foot of grow space.
    Been using HLG lighting with the Samsung LED's for years
  17. What luck, I was going to get the HLG 65 but thinking it has to have a dimmer switch I got the P1000 and for like $15 less. Live and learn but thankfully I can do a return and buy the HLG 65.
  18. I give my plants 600-800 μmol/m2/s in flower, Your Mars led gives your plants 1340(center) umols at 150w 2ft, that your choice and that's only 35w ft2, at 50w you going to hit nearly 1700 umols, it's a total over kill but that's upto you, going burn your canopy.
  19. 65 watts light is not enough for your 4 square ft of grow space ,,
    I wouldn't go below 35watts per square for, Not enough light = airy buds
  20. No mars light in that photo

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