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  1. I was wondering what flouresecent set up you guys recommend. Could you post me a link so I could buy it online? Right now im just using basic flourescents, 2 overhead 4 foot tubes, 2 side flourescent 12 inch tubes, they are all running different light spectrum, and I have only 1 CFL light, I got all these at home depot, there running into a power strip, I have to get something that plugs into the wall, I cant modify the lighting in my closet. I was wondering if someone could give me a link to buy a small light setup with everything you need for 2 plants or so.
  2. How much do you want to spend?
  3. Get a 250hid,or if ya want flouros get a T5 HO.I would get 4foot 4 bulb and use the lights u have now for side lighting.
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    I have atleast a hundred, and can maybe go up to 200

    I will look into that 4 tube, maybe I can go back to home depot and return my 2 tube overhead

    But are T5's the best, I have 2 T12's currently
  5. You can get T5 from HTGsupply for pretty cheap,just stay away from bloom bulbs there junk.I did a grow bout year ago under the same T5 with 8 plants and got a quarter pound which suprised me.,I prob could've stuffed another 2-4 plants in as well.Also they have a deal where you can get the T5 with a 2x4x4 gro tent think it cost me like $140.

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