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  1. Hello GC I am just wondering who has ever grown with the 4 ft t12 lights because that is what im using and im just wondering if they are effective, and what kind of yield other t12 users have gotten from them, I have 4 40watt t12 6500k with 2 hood reflectors from lights of america also
  2. yo.
    About the only thing floros are good for is cloning. Get yourself an HID for veg.

  3. The T 12 light you are using is not the most efficient floro tubes but they will work well.

    A T 8 or even better a T5 would give you maximum lumen output for minimum electricity.....

    just remember if you are going to flower your plants under the floro tubes you will want to switch to 2700k bulbs instead

    btw i use the Pl-55 lights which are supposedly 5,000 lumens per bulb...and i run 4 of those under a reflector with sick veg results.

  4. T12s are shit. T5s are the only tubes I would even consider to use for flowering.
  5. hey man its possible i have flowered a few mothers in closets with t8 when down on my plant numbers and just put one in a closet "as experiments" in stead of killin it i have had ok results the best is when you do vertical. my best was a little over 2oz off 4 t8s. i gave a sample to one of my patients and other then, on the fluffy side she had no clue it didn't come from a hydro plant under hid from my real room. these plants really surprise me sometimes anything is possible if its given the right of luck to you on your adventure peace.

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  6. Oh it's possible, I never doubted that. But as you know already you get wimpy buds. It's doable, but personally I consider it a waste of time. Just my opinion.
  7. honestly brother, hid would be the way to go. you would need over ten fluros to see anything worth while, they do well in propergation , cloneing ect, but if you want results, at least a 400 wt hps lamp, there are heaps on the market but i found the son t agro worked the best for me,, pounds of fun :D

  8. i started with 2 single cfls and a T8 my first round in a basement

    next round had 4-5 cfls and two T8

    next round had 150watt hps w cfls

    next round went with a 400watt open hood

    next round i went with a 400watt air cooled hood

    i think you get the picture...this is what he is saying...just start with the best for growing mj which is Metal Halide for veg and HPS for flower...if you cant afford that then go with cfl or T5 for veg and hps for flower
  9. Thanks for the advice man and i have the same type of bulbs you are using in your grow i just got a different hood reflector btw nice plants
  10. Thanks man, those pics are from awhile ago just to show what mine looked like to give you an idea of what to expect.i think that was around week 6 or 7. work with what ya got and if you find you like it and are good at it your grow will take off. like Puffer6 said thats how it went for me i started with 4 t8's and 4 t5's and next you know your runnin multiple 600s and need extra breakers. yes you would get way better results if you dropped 1000 on equipment, but in my opinion if a person has never grown and start off with 2000w of hps and have no background on heat management, nutes, medium ext. you could end up with nothing but dryed up burnt plants and be out a lot of money and just go with what you can. read a lot about the topic and start...because ultimately the more you grow the more you know .good luck bro peace

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