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  1. Is there a difference between Daylight, and Direct sunlight?

    If I have a plant outside and its light out for 16 hours a day, but it only gets direct sun light (sun is shining with nothing blocking it) for 9 hours, Do I consider my plant to get 9 hours of day light, or 16 hours?

    Should I average it and say its getting 12.5?
  2. I am also assuming sunlight is A LOT more powerful than any indoor setup?
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  4. Daylight consists of both the direct light from the sun as the indirect light that reaches the earth through the atmosphere and the clouds in a rather diffused way.
    But from there it gets more complicated. The essence is that, although not in direct sunlight, a plant will still benefit from daylight. In fact, the university at Wageningen (famous for it's aggricultural research) published the results of a research done over years that proved that diffused light has a positive impact on the growth of plants (some species more than others though).
    Plants become heavier, have more leaves and a greater leave-mass.
    Daylight stimulates the relative growspeed.
    Maybe a disadvantage is that the dry weigth of the plant (mostly measured by the leaves) is significantly lower as opposed to plants that have been more in direct sunlight.
    Regarding flowering I guess the old mantra's still true: the more direct sunlight they get, the better the quality of your bud's gonna be.
    Also, it's a good remedie against rot.

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