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  1. i ave two gro-lux fluo for my plant and i ave another lamp so im am wondering wich tubes should i use? i got a day light and a cool withe. i know cool withe is brighter than day light but day light are stronger in blue spectrum(wich i am in vegetative stage). wich one should i use. cool withe to get an higher intensity(gro-lux are very-low intensity) or day light to get an higher blue spectrum??

  2. no one know???

  3. I agree with woody, use them both.
  4. i cant use them booth because i got only 3 lamp and i already ave two gro-lux light so only one aviable so wich one should i use?? il be able to use the 2 but if i remove one of my grow-lux.(dont wanna do that)
  5. its around eight foot square. in couple day i will buy another lamp so i could put my 4 tubes: 2 gro-lux,1day light and 1 cool withe. and when changing too flowering i was thinking puting 4 gro-lux. do that sound good??
  6. its 8 square feet not 8x8 . its a wardrobe i got 3 plant for now.
    i will buy a piece each pay so i will increase the light gradually

    thx for the help areseface
  7. btw what "lit" mean???

    sorry im french

  8. How about this:

    " much area will recieve light?" instead of " much area will be lit?"
  9. its 2 foot large by 4 foot long by 2foot high. so if i do a rapid calcul, 16 foots square will be "lit"

    thx for the explanation
    another words in my elaborate dictionary lolol
  10. IMHO, i don't think you will be able to notice a discernable difference going with either option. You need close to 125 watts of lighting per plant to really move the growing process along. And I don't believe you are providing that to th three plants at this moment.

    The spectrum difference really does matter when there is is sufficient light, but when you are running short on wattage the spectrum difference pails in comparision.
  11. 2 of my plant are about 3-4 inches and my bigger one is a feet. i know i ave too buy more light but equipment is expensive(in my case). anyway i will buy some fixtures and some gro-lux tubes each pay so i will increase the light gradually as the plant grow

    thx for the hlp guys

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