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  1. i had to abandon 1 room and combine everything now my bloom isnt totaly dark light is leaking thru my 20" box fan (intake) am reserching this now but thought i might get some help
  2. Go get one of these

    They can be bought at The Home Depot in the Ducting isle. Duct tape it onto the back of your fan and voila, you have a light proof box fan.

    The picture on the link is a little dark, so I'll post a few pics of mine since I just so happen to have one lying around..






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    wow am headed today then where would it be what do i ask them for and thanx so much my current fix is 2 boxes and 5 rolls of dt so thanks and do you think 1 box fan low setting only(rest are broke) will be enough air for a 4 x 8 x 6feet tall or should i use the new one? also wondering if i should pipe fresh ac into the room beside the intake fan or pipe it to the intake fan.
    I should probably ask about exhaust as well I know twice in as out right?
    but am thinking 2 6 inch fans ( dont know ratings cheap walmart bought) with dryer hose one to vaciniy of light other from top corner opposite intake. trying now to find a thread i saw earlier about a easy to make kitty litter scrubber band since ive been needing new buckets of that style i thought id try to build something for the smell btb i have never done in indoor by myself before was doing better than i had expected until now lol
    just reread your advice ducting isle thanxs man long night this search thing is weird i get better search results for gc from google than i do from gc is that normal?

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