light proofing a closet

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  1. I have a grow going in a small coat closet. I have lights leaks all around the cracks around the door. I have used a vinyl curtain in the past to block it out but it is not the easiest thing to do. anyone have any suggestions on the best way to light proof a closet door??
  2. black plastic works
  3. Panda film works well.
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    how do you hang the curtain??? zipper in middle?? velcro edges to door jam?? The last one i did, i velcroed to the door jam. It worked perfectly but it was time consuming opening and closing. I was thinking about nailing/stapling it to the door jam then attaching a light proof zipper and slicing the curtain down the middle. Honestly i would prefer no curtain at all. what about using some window/door foam stuff to create a seal? Anyone else have any thoughts?
  5. By coat closet i assume it has a swing door not sliding? And the door swings out?

    Use the framing trick! Get some 2x3 studs and frame the inside of the door frame behind the door. Some rubber door seal strips you use for a front door or a fridge. It completely seals your door for air and light...and it cost like 10 bucks.:hello:
  6. yeah thats more like it. Thanks for the help

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