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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by throatcream69, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, my setup is in a closet and its a carpet floor. I have everything light proofed except for underneath the door. My question is how could I light proof the bottom of my door when there's carpet I gotta deal with? It's very very bright at the bottom of the door
  2. A towel?
  3. Yes, or a blanket, or weather-stripping.
  4. Ya I use a rug right now, I want a more permanent solution though. Even the rug leaks threw a little and if I can find something else then It would be considered stealth. I'd hate for that to be the one thing that's keeps it from being stealth
  5. one of those draft stopper thingys.
  6. a door sweep man one of those strips they put on the bottom of doors to stop drafts and slow it down from slamming home depot 14.99 36 inch door frame is usally standard
  7. Keep the light off in the other room? lol. Try gorilla tape, use the top 1/3 to tape onto the door, the double over the bottom 2/3 so it doesn't still to carpet. Works like a charm and will cost less than a buck.

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