light pollution?

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  1. I am currently growing on the balcony of my apartment. (please don't worry about me getting caught)

    There is a streetlight that is a little bit aways and I am worried my plants aren't getting the "darkness" that they need. It isn't overly bright though, maybe like strong moonlight.

    They have been flowering for a little over a week I think.

    Is this "light pollution" something to worry about?
  2. If your troubled about the street light cover them with a garbage can, or a garbage bag, if they are confirmed females and in flowering then leave them and let them grow.
  3. They are flowing and confirmed females. I pulled 2 males out of my 6 plants.
  4. They will be OK, MJ evolved under a bright moon.
  5. get a BB gun and shoot the street light out for fun.... i mean what did that street light ever do for you?

    id shoot it out for fun cuz i enjoy the near 24 hour darkness in winter and street lights mess that up... and block the stars.
  6. Yeah, right.
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    yeah, outdoor grows do fine all over the world with the moon, streetlights, back yard flood lights, car lights, etc. hitting them during the 12 hours darkness.

    but you should cover it to reduce your chance of if turn hermie if it happens often.
  8. I don't care I just want some green to smoke in this god forsaken country that they label "1st world."

    I'll be happy with anything. If I'm feeling adventurous I'll post some pics of my 4 crappily grown girls. They really are crappy too. At least I'll have a little something though.


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