Light On For 48 Hours During Week 5 Of Flower

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  1. Ok so need sum help from someone this has happened too. I really thought I got over issues with growing and all but leave it too me to find a problem new problem. Plants flowering for 5 weeks.. On at 9 pm and of at 9am. Cleaning room and switch trimmers. Well never turned timer part and lights just stayed on. Any input from someone this has happened too would be great. Thx to Anyone that helps...
  2. You could have a very stable strain that just shrugs it off.....then again you could have a lot of seeds in about 2-3 weeks
  3. Yikes, 48 hours eh?   Unforunately, there is a pretty good chance that the stress caused by the lack of 2 straight night cycles will create some hermies.   Like above poster mentioned, will depend on the genetics you are using, you could get lucky.    Good luck!
  4. Umm... So that means it happened to the both of u? I really don't need opinions as I have my own. I need facts... Or someone who this has already happened too. I really don't know what u guys mean by stable. are u guys talking about pheno type , stain type or what. Thanks again but don't need 50/50 answers.
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  5. If you don't know what were are talking about and you don't want our opinion then I'm done helping your disrupted your light cycle.....have fun. It's a 50/50 answer for a reason you dip.
  6. I think it will be OK. The problems seem to come when the dark cycle is interrupted with light. If it does hermie it will still smoke. 
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    Thank you.. This the answer I wanted confirming with. Thank u.. I figured it would be interrupting dark cycles would do the most stress rather than longer days. Flowers have gained a lot more weight. If it did anything I'm sure it would have stunted growth to revert back to veg.. Thanks again..

    As for the 50/50 answer... Lol what's the point if even replying when u didn't really give an answer. Thanks anyway....
    Those are the facts you were looking for? Looks like an opinion to me.
    Shiva and Greenthumbs gave you the best answer they could given the info you provided, everything after that is pure opinion.
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  9. Seems like the OP is choosing what he wants to hear......he wanted to hear that everything's going to be ok, so disregarded our answers. 
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  10. This is a case study in confirmation bias :bongin:
  11. No but really just not willing to hear and uneducated guess.. Who the fuk doesn't know it could hermi or be all good. Duh... I wanted to hear if someone had experience with it and the person stated that stress from interrupted dark cycles is what usually hermi's a plants. Not the length of day light hours. So like the question I asked first if someone had any experience with this issue. Obviously u guys didn't because I would have an answer better than the ones u furnished. Please don't get mad i thought ur answer was insufficient and lacked and true content. I just don't have time for it. Thanks again tho no need to replays u already have an opinion and this will go back and forth when I have plants to attend too. Happy growing
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    If having lights on for 48 hours straight doesn't qualify as "interrupting the dark cycle", then I'm not sure what does.    From experience, interrupted dark cycles stress plants and cause hermies.   Some strains are genetically more prone to going hermie, and will start to throw male parts within a week of the stress caused by interrupting the dark cycle.   In your case, the dark cycle was interrupted (it was light when should have been dark) for 2 days, which also would have stressed the plants even further by starting to revert them back to veg.   Based on all of these factors, I commented that there is a very good chance you will see evidence of hermies in the next week or so, and I stand by that comment.
    The comment that you liked was also from someone giving an opinion, as they never had experience with plants being in 48 hours of light either, so not sure how that was a fact and not opinion......just seems like you are only hearing what you want to hear.  REgardless, you wont see hermies immediately, it will take a week or so to know for sure, but if I was a betting man, I'd say that you will likely have some issues.
    Here is the comment you liked:   "I think it will be OK. The problems seem to come when the dark cycle is interrupted with light. If it does hermie it will still smoke."    How is this anything but an opinion????  No mention of any experience, just an "i think".  
    Actually, this is the opinion of my biology professor but how do you know if I've ever done this. I didn't see where anyone else said that they had this experience. And, if it's a hermie it can still be fantastic smoke. This I know from experience. What do you want the OP to do, throw his hard work and money away?
  14. No I think people just don't appreciate someone being an ungrateful putz when getting free advise that was sound but contradicted what he wanted to hear. I think the point is the answer they gave was as good if a bit more complete than your but OP decided to call them out and belittle their response since it was not to his liking.
  15. This ^.    OP won't get far on this site with a poor attitude towards those that go out of their way to offer advice and help.   
  16. I wasn't discrediting your comment at all.....just pointing out that your post gave no mention of sources or experience either, so how could he cut down my opinion and take yours as gold.   And I never mentioned anything about throwing his hard work and money away, so not sure what the comment is based on.  I just stated that he is pretty likely to get hermies as a result of his mishap, I never said anything about what to do with said hermies.   I agree that they can still be good smoke.
    I see what your saying in regards to his attitude. Back to the OP's original question, I don't know why I didn't think of this in my last post. In 2007 I harvested my grow but revegged my plants. I cut off all of the buds and left as many leaves as I could. I put them under 24 hours of 6500k light and gave them veg nutes. By conventional thinking this should have caused them to hermie. When the mom was healthy I cut clones and grew another grow. The smoke was as good as the smoke from the mother and there was no sign of them being hermies. As a matter of fact I'm doing this with some White Widow right now. Take from this what you will and happy growing.   
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    First off I asked for someone's opinion would had experience with it. This is the reason i stay out of forums because people frowning their opinion without experience inhand. Sorry dont want tonhbe to sift through the BS answers that people just throw out. Like inaske in the first post.. Idnu have experience in it. Not what the fuk u think. Everyone knows stress can cause hermi's. no shit. Sorry for being rude but ur wasting not only my time with ur answer but yours aswell. Like I stated in a post again no need to reply.. Again u go on and on when u have no experience in it.

    Lastly.. Longer veg times will not hermi ur plant. It will reveg them.. Usually interruptions of dark cycles will hermi the plant. I needed a confirmation of what I thought.

    For ur question about interrupting dark cycle with a 48'hour light cycle... Interruption would be lights turning 5 hours into dark cycle during flowering.. Truth be told my plant has cola has gained a lot of weight from the long day I gave her.

    About me not being grateful for free advise... If u read my post I asked if u only have experience. Not what a books told u or what u think may happen. I wanted to know what happened when someone did that. Someone with experience. And only one person on here reply with experience. And for that I'm grate full. Thank u again lol
  19. i had autos when my timer fucked up i thought it would hermi turned out it didnt since it was a very stable strain as the first two said if you have a good stable strain you might get away with it but something less stable may grow male flowers, its a auto responce to stress cause the flower thinks somethings up and needs to reproduce. just keep an eye on it you may see them form if you do pick them off. and another thing its best not to insult expeirenced growers as one day you may ask a question that they could help with but wont.

    also its all opinion as we dont know your plants setup or how you been growing them.
  20. I left my lights on 24hrs during bloom once and my purple arrow went hermi on me. I'd say you're well on your way to seed filled weed. And you should definitely be nicer to people trying to help you.

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