Light movers.

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  1. Hello all, wondering if anyone could help me with.

    We are currtly running 2 rooms with 3 600w each ( 1800w per room / 3600w total ) we have solar and thought it would hrlp us out but we were wrong. Splar is completly worth less and DOES NOT SAVE YOU MONEY. last month pur bill was 900$... At that rate il never be in the green.

    So here are the options i have come up with. My grow rooms are 5x7 and 6.5 height

    1. Remove 1 600w and keep just 2 600w per room. For 1200w total

    2. Get a 1000w and put it on a light mover. For only 1000w per room

    3. Idk if there is a thing but put 2 600w on a light mover. For 1200 moving watts.

    In all situations i will be saving moving on cooling too.
  2. So i bought 2 light rails 3.5 for my grow rooms. Going to only run 2 600s per room now. Hoping this doesnt hit to much on my yeild.

    3 lights per room = 3600 watts = 43.2 kwh a day.

    2 lights per room = 2400 watts = 28.8 kwh a day

    Thats a 66% reduction in kwh.

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