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light mover sticking

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by hollands hope, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. i got a generic light mover from ebeay ive had it for about 7 months and lately its been sticking on one side. When it goes to that side it does its pause then u can here the engine come on but the wheel doesn't spin until you give it a push. My room is 6' by 4.5' the light is a 600wattt digi hps with 2 300 watt equivalent cfl on the sides could i get away without the mover without hurting my yield or can someone tell me how to fix it
  2. not sure what mover u have but ive had a few do it. i think on mine its been the rubber on the wheel burns down just enought hat it stops grabbing. the shops charge 50 bucks to get it fixed, atleast on mine.
  3. its just like the light rail 3.5 the wheel is burnt down but it doesnt spinuntil i push it then it will spin
  4. yea those are the ones i use, and yea same problem. 50 bucks to get it fixed. if you figure out another way let me know, have a broke one right now and waiting to take it in. also the last one that broke was cause i got a cord stuck on it and it spun in place over night, so watch that it doesnt get stuck or it breaks.

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