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  1. hey everyone.

    I am in the middle of flowering. Its been a month but ive been using a 10/14 schedule to speed up flowering since I have to move out soon. I was planning on let it go on for another couple of weeks but yesterday i left my closet light (1 incandesent bulb in a lamp on the ceiling) on during the night period so according to my calculations they recieved about 12 hours of bad light during sleepy time. My question is will this cause them to revert back to a veg state or make them herms? Should I go ahead and harvest early or wait a see if I see ballsacks? What will the effect be of the light...will they take longer now?

    My temporary solution was to give them a 14 hour night as soon as I found that that light was on even though that fucked up my 24 hour schedule. Is this the right thing to do?


    btw does anyone know how to keep cats out of your garden without having to block them out? Sometimes I keep the door open so I can get ventilation and one of them likes to eat the leaves and spit it back up.
  2. I would continue on your regular schedule jlar .... sure, the "bad" light might stress the girls a bit ... may get some hermi buds (a couple seeds), or slow growth for a day ... nothin too dramatic!
    certainly don't do that again :confused_2:

    they'll be fine ;)
  3. I agree, all should be fine. OK to get back on your regular 24 hour cycle.

    As for cats, just a quick thought: put two hooks on the edge of the door and two more parallel on the door frame, then hook a piece of chicken wire across the door opening.
  4. when you say a couple of seeds will there just be 2-3 and thats it? I have seen some pics of herms developing ballsacks on top of cola. Other herms I have weeded out in the past after sexing developed on lower branches and were very noticeable. Will I have trouble spotting problems and will this only affect the top of my plant?

    I have changed my schedule back to normal and will follow that...thanks
  5. brilliant toasty... i will get some wire and do that asap
  6. Not sure I follow JointVenture's idea of "hermie buds" that will contain seeds. Never heard of hermie buds, which to me would mean a bud that is part male and part female, nor ever heard of light inducing seeds.

    If the female plant goes hermie it would manifest itself as one or more of the plant's bud sites producing male flowers rather than female flowers. Those male flowers, if allowed to mature, could spread pollen that will fertilize all the female bud sites and cause all of them to develop full of seeds.

    The chain of logic/events is:
    Light leaks can cause stress...
    Stress can cause a female plant to develop male flowers...
    Male flowers can produce pollen...
    Pollen can fertilize female flowers...
    Fertilized female flowers contain seeds
  7. perhaps my choice of words wasn't the best toasty .... let me explain. we've been blessed with a rather large harvest (25 plants under 3Kw) ... to say the least it was a bit crowded. to make a long story short ... of the two or so lbs of the three or so lbs that was harvested that has been smoked to date, we've collected about 40 seeds. there were no males ... all were culled prior to flowering. i attribute the seeds (incorrectly?) to inconsistent light, for this simple reason: the grow room happens to be in the laundry room ... on occasion, mostly on the weekends, while lights were out ... a load of laundry would be done. the 25w cfl above the washing machine might be on for 10 minutes, no more .... then back into darkness.
    the seeds have mostly been found deep in the heavy nuggets. sure, i don't have the best eye sight these days, but a pair of younger eyes frequently gazed upon our girls ...... and never a one single male sac was ever seen.

    i may be out of my mind here ..... but thats the story .... and i'm sticken to it!

    however .... i do agree with your "chain of logic/events" ++
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  8. i have read that male flowers can appear on female flower buds....There is a picture in Cervante's Indoor Bible with pictures of female plants. My guess is that this was probably the result of light stress? The funny thing is the same thing just happened again and I hope I didnt mess anything up. I gave them about 20 hours of continous light again with my flourescent side lighting tube bc i mistook it for the fan outlet went i went to unplug it :(

    Hope I dont ruin them. Last I checked the pistals were starting to turn amber at the tips.
  9. Hey JV, understood. A stray seed here and there is not a hermie.

    Frankly I've seen those isolated stray seeds too over the years and don't know how to explain them either. Some say they are a plant's way of ensuring it passes along its genetics if it is not fertilized, so it produces a seed or two anyway. Only problem with that explanation is that it seems such seeds would have to be feminized, and yet I have grown such stray seeds and gotten pure males. If they are not self-generated by the flowering plant then they are the result of fertilization somehow, but it is hard for me to grasp how only one pistil in a flower got fertilized.

    Anyway, mother nature is a big wide wonder. Enjoy!

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