Light Issues.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ooh Ahh Samaras, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Yeah so basically my friends Parakeet is growing a few plants this year, an outdoor guerilla grow to be exact. Now, he is trying to keep them them indoors until they are about 1 foot tall or just generally strong enough to cope outside.

    well my friends parakeet is a little low on money and can't splash out of lights for a few plants to veg for a while, and due to his current circumstances he can't put them by the window, so would a 35watt light and a 13watt light over a half dozen small almost week old seedlings be alright for another week or two or should he just get them outside in the sun?

  2. The light would work, but one or two more 35w Cfls would be a lot better. They might want to stretch a bit under their current lighting. If you can pick up a cheap fluorescent T12 light fixture with 2 or more bulbs for your friend's parakeet, that would be good too.

  3. yeh they are stretching slightly, a bit worrying.

    ok thanks man, i'll pick up some cheap lights tomorrow and help that cheeky parakeet set it up.
  4. No problemo! GOOD LUCK!!:wave:

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