light green spots and burned tip... help anyone?

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  1. hey gc, my sprouts are about a week and a half old and the growth has slowed down. Ive got a small indoor setup with a 250w mh and a 90w LED set u with good ventilation and all that, and organic potting soil. My ph meter is whacked and i need more calibration solution before i can accuartley tell what the problem is. The soil has that spagnum peat moss which is acidic, and im thinking the organic time released nutes in the soil are burning my plants. I put a few gallons through each one and rinsed out alot of what i think was there. here are some pictures anyways any input would greatly help. These two photos sum up whats happening and they are both from the same plant. The first photo is one of the lower fan leaf tips burned yellow, and one is of the green-yellow spots on the leaf.

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  2. Check under the leaves. Is there little black dots that move? looks like spider mites maybe. cant tell with the pix very well.

  3. not spider mites..... looks like aphids... to me... the 2nd pic anyway
  4. not aphids... i keep a constant eye on them all day, nothing but a gnat problem that is under control.
  5. just did some more research, the potting soil i used was the spaghnam peat moss, which can have an ph of around 5. This is a problem i figured in, so how do i fix it? i have earth juice ph up and down, and i know i want to raise it. Do i just have to keep watering with a higher ph and monitor the runoff? is testing the runoff the best way to determine ph? i assume mixing the soil with the water will make the two change.
  6. Hiya fella. Did you ever sort the problem with the green/yellow spots on the leaves. As looking at your pics I have the same problem with my 4 week old mother plants. What did you do? Any info would be great.

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