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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by irin3star, May 10, 2006.

  1. i have been using this light lately but it seemed to stretch my plants but if i move it closer to the plants im afraid it might burn them, since they have stretched a little im using a fan on them to make them stronger but is this light ok? if not what is the cheapest light that will work?

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  2. sun :p
  3. Go to home depot pick up some fluorescents either a few 4 footers or some compact fluorescents. 4-pack 26watts each 9.95 or grab some 42watt compact bulbs 9.95 each,also how many plants do you have?

  4. I have 6 plants
  5. But when i stuck my hand under there to see how hot it would be it seemed a little hot and it might burn my plant
  6. go to the link in my sig and get what i wrote under 1-4 plants. Itll work for you. But i would get what i wrote under 5-8 plants if you can.
  7. Believe its been said 100,000,000 times on here now that you should not use Incandescent lighting to grow plants.
  8. well i moved my plants outside in pots in a sunny spot well tomorrow is suposed to be cloudy if its cloudy outside does the plant still able to recive adiquate sunlight:confused:

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  9. ^ posted at 4:20 hehe :smoking:
  10. I had a cloudy week on my outdoor plants shot them in to flowering.If it is nice and sunny they should rock.
  11. The lightbulb shown in that picture is incadesent and does not work at all for growing, get some floresent tubes or stick a cfl in that fixture they are only like 3 bucks. As for strecthing cut a straw and slit it all the way down and wrap it around the stem to hold it up, make sure u stick the straw in the dirt not very far so u dont damage roots
  12. hey you also need to transfer those soon dont want em to be rootbound
  13. When they start getting too big for the pot you have them in the roots will start to get tangled. Don't want that.

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