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  1. I have some unsexed plants in a greenhouse, they are getting 18/6, I would like to get them bigger before I flower them, but I would rather not put a lot of energy into plants that may be males. Can I force them to show, pull males then put girls back on 18 to get bigger?
  2. Label each plant take a clone off each one and label it also and flower those till they show sex or longer if you wish to see what each female will somewhat produce.
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    Thats what I do with seedlings I will take a clone from the top, put it instantly on 12/12 you'll know in less than 2 weeks usually. Best way withoutPlus the clone will root. Then put it on 24/0 just to kick it out of flower.
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    Also I hear after a cerain age it is possible without flowering. May require a magnifying glass. Still waiting to confirm that myself (probably why I didn't mention it earlier).
  5. Thanks, suppose I could do that, will take a few weeks though, this is my first medical grow, so I have friends saying, do this, do that, some have declared, I felt bad about just tossing the males, so I steamed one up and ate it, thinking it was too young to have much thc, wrong, I got baked, I dont do well eating ganga. We shall see.
  6. Don't take advice from just anyone. Hell don't take advice from just me. Everyone should be willing to admit they are still learning or to stubborn to admit they are (or lazy...). It is a best to get a mixture of opinions but only seek for the best and most experienced for any real critical information (a mixture will usually lead you in the right direction). I will be the first to admit I am not the 100% most credible as half the stuff is stuff I repeat from others but have been worried or interested about myself. But I do try to study and do my best.

    On a side note. Try to find a blue dream CLONE ONLY (sometimes best to get from experienced medical growers that can show you ending product. Clone only means so much to me but may not to others. Anything can be called OG Kush but there is only one real og kush that gave it that name). Some people may not know but if you do find one that is the real thing (could be a cali thing) you will want to get it to add to your outdoor collection. That being said clones should be introduced differently and later in the season and this will vary based on where you live.

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