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  1. I have a 400 watt hps light. I was wondering if it is good for both vegging and flowering. Right now I'm running 18/6 for vegging. No signs of flowering. I was told it doesn't matter the light wattage just the light cycles. Like 18/6 for vegging then 12/12 for flowering. The growing community's help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. HPS can be used for vegging. One arguement is that using HPS to veg your plants is wasteful when you can use a 23 watt bulb to veg the same plant.

  3. yes hps will work for both flowering or vegging. although i would get a MH conversion bulb for vegging. but you dont have to. unless your plants are auto flowering, they will not show signs of flowering under 18/6. 18/6 is for vegging. when you want to flower you switch to 12/12, wait depending on the strand some ppl tell me a few days some say a couple weeks, then see the hairs or pollen sacks. for vegging tho you should go full 24 hrs unless your concerned about heat. its better than 18/6 otherwise.
  4. HPS can be used for both. And a plant can and most of the time will show signs of flowering in veg if you let it mature long enough before the switch. It's called preflowering. Mine showed preflowers at just under 5 weeks in veg.
  5. but will it actually start growing any hairs or pollen sacks tho during late veg? i vegged for 6 weeks under full 24hr with 400 w MH and no signs of flowering. the tops leaves are smaller like when a plant is starting to flowering but no sign of it's sex. can this depend on strand or?
  6. I have my 400w hps 12 inches away for vegging. is that a good distance.
  7. put your hand under the lights, if its hot on yourhand its hot on your plants and may want toback it up. ive also heard the closer the better. i tried it out myself andfound a nice happy middle.
  8. I run a fast grow, generally. 3 weeks at 18/6 (400w MH) and then 8 weeks at 12/12 (600w HPS).

    Um yes, wattage/lumens impacts yield big time. ;)

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