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  1. what light cycle do I start with and what should I do when my plant enters vegetative stage
  2. I should mention that my germinated seeds have not sprouted yet
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  3. I am growing autos but I hear 18 on 6 off
  4. I dont think it really matters with autos but i use veg 18/6 and flower 12/12

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  5. Just figured id get a more consistant answer on here.
  6. Should I put light on em before they sprout? Or does it matter?
  7. No light. Keep them in COMPLETE darkness until they germ. Then get some Jiffy peat pellets and prep them and dig about an 1/4"hole the place germ seed with stem going down if possible. It will take care of itself if it doesn't quite go just right. Then lightly water then just a LITTLE water every couple/FEW days IF needed. Want it too stay damp and humid. They seel pelley kits with a humidity dome. Still no light and just humidity. I put in on a seed stater heater. To keep warm. Plate warmer c would work same. Just so it doesn't get hot anywhere. Just warm. Perfect for after germ then to sprouting in a week following those instructions. then transfer into a solo cup until after at least 4 nodes have shown. That's a cpl weeks down the road tho. Right now complete darkness until those seeds germ then peat pellets in humidity dome. Home Depot Walmart Lowes. Anywhere u can get there. Jiffy Peat moss Pellet starters

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  8. Read my response. Forgot to reply off yours

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  10. Paper towel method but with toilet paper. I put them in a windowsill in a ziplock bag rather than complete darkness and they sprouted fine in about 3 days.
    paper towel method but with toilet paper. And I put them in a bag and put em on a windowsill oppsed to complete darkness and they still sprouted ok.
  11. Is darkness really that essential to seedlings? Ive had a small 13 watt pfl lamp on it for the last 16 hours but if theyre covered with soil then it should be more of a heat source right? I feel like most specifications are for specific results. I just want some weed yo!
  12. You don't need light until the seedling breaks the surface. Since you have it in dirt now it's not bad that there is light but you just don't need it i.e. its a waste of energy. The reason you want darkness for germination is because roots are sensitive to UV radiation and too much exposure can kill the plant or stunt its growth.
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