light cycle for pure sativas?

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  1. for my next grow id like to grow a mostly sativa like golden tiger or malawi gold. heard you give different lighting for them but don't remember when i read it? any other tips on growing them thats different from hybrids? nutes? gonna be a coco/ perlite grow under a 600w and 1200w leds. about 450w pull total from the wall. i may try one outside in my greenhouse but i don't think i have a long enough grow season. any info from you diehard sativa growers is appreciated! happy growing!
  2. I've grown a couple very heavy sativas and I used a 12/12 light cycle. Although I doubt I'll ever grow them again, I didn't have a problem using standard light cycles that I use with all my other plants. My sativas were more sensitive to nutes, but that could just be that particular strain. The big thing you need to watch out for is that sativa's flowering "stretch" is much bigger than a hybrid or indica's. My sativas almost tripled in size during the first 3-4 weeks of flower. The flowering period is usually much longer, my sativa made it almost 15 weeks by the time she was ready to harvst.
  3. 12/12 for any strain will work.

    I'm on my last week or two, so have been increasing darkness by 15 mins every day to try to get them to finish up faster.
  4. A straight photo strain needs all the light it can get during the veg cycle. When you grow it large enough to put it into flower, you change the light schedule to 12 on and 12 off. Give it about a week to 10 days after the light schedule change and buds will start to form on the plant. Mark the date you flip the lights so you can keep up with the weeks of flower the plant's gone through. That's about all I know as far as light cycle and growing a plant. Autos are genetically wired to do their thing where on a regular strain, the grower is in control...which is the only way you get the absolute most out of plant. A healthy plant and a good light source for flower should yield you several ounces after dry and cure. TWW
  5. do they like more or less nutes? i heard near the equator the light is 12/ 12 all the time so sativas are used to it. what triggers bloom then? id think 18/6 veg and 12/12 bloom would be better but I've read what your saying to do 12/ 12 all the way thru. sounds almost like they' act like autos that have to go a certain time period before they would go into bud?
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  6. I did 18/6 veg and 12/12 flower, and that worked just fine for me. My particular strain of sativas liked less nutes than my indicas and hybrids liked.
  7. One reason to flower them early is as stated they can triple in size and take a long time to finish. I had a Thai plant that I started to flower at 3 weeks veg. It grew 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide and took 3 months to finish flowering. This was even in Hawaii where we have pretty short daylight hours.

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  8. Oh ya I forgot to mention, it was outdoors and it started flowering on it's own because it had no supplemental lighting.

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  9. do you remember what strain it was?
  10. wow! my grow rooms only 6.5 tall 4'by5' wide! guess ill have to either find a fast finishing sativa or a mostly sativa auto strain.
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  11. 24 hr. veg[weed is a class 3 plant ,doesn't need darkness to veg.}then turn ,lights off 24-36 hrs.then 12-12.more light,more bud,
  12. thats what i did to the 2 w.w photos I'm budding now and they're monsters! gonna be close to 6ft. when finished!
  13. It was durban poison, but I can't remember which vendor I got it from.

    I, personally, haven't noticed a difference in growth rates with a 24/0 schedule compared to 18/6. In my environment, 18/6 produces the same vegetative growth rates with less electricity bill and less wear and tear on my equipment. But hey, whatever works for you man!
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  15. I've had better results using 11/13 for flowering sativa strains....some growers will go as low as 10.5/13.5
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  16. start at 18/6 then go to 11/13 to flower? also if the seed description doesn't say,. how long should i veg. for?
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  17. yes, I would say 18/6 is good for vegging...typically 5 or 6 weeks

    11/13 is my preferred cycle for flowering, especially for pure sativa strains
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  18. thanks man! i knew it was a weird number like that! happy growing!
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  19. I have a put sativa right now its feminized super silver haze and she's been in veg for 3 weeks minus the week it took to get to veg state I topped her Friday giving her another week to recover and then flowering her

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