Light concerns, producing small buds. (with pics)

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  1. Hello. First and foremost let me start off by saying thank you to all who read this and take the time to awsner my question! This is my very first grow. And just like every newbie i run into the same things. yellow leaves. small buds. I would like to kno if my light set up is efficent for what im doing. I have one female 6 weeks into budding.( the fotos are at five weeks) 5 plants 1 week into budding and another 5 plants still veging. The buds on my female looks small and not HUGE like some peoples, so my question is how do i make super huge fat buds, so i can have these other 10 yeild me huge!!

    Here's the run down of what i use:
    Light: Sun systems 8-54 watt 4 foot T5 HO
    6500'K "blue"
    3000'K "red"
    40,000 lumens

    Nutes: Fox farms grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom
    Flora nectar
    bud blood
    gangster bud

    Growing in soil using R/O system for water!
    Thanks again!:bongin:

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  2. T5's can only really penetrate down 2 ft. Anything past that should be trimmed before you induce flowering; that would focus plant energy and nutrients to the upper buds.
    An 8 bulb 4FT T5 would be awesome for 4 plants..because each plant needs at least 100w.
    I also see some nute burn in the pics.
  3. hey dudes! thanks for the replies! First, @newbkushgrower, i see u said stressed and then streched. so stretching is stress? i just assumed the big and taller the plant, the more nutes it could take up and bigger buds in turn. also i kno they could be semi stressed. i keep light to absolut zero wen in there 12/12 phase. but i have to move them each night and morning. I dont kno if the constant moving or shaking could stress them out. Also i started giving them "gangster bud" is a budding supplement, which is seeming to me , that the buds are now fattening up.
    @omdogg ya man, i deff have nute burn. it sucks, cuz i want to flush them, but two concerns, one i have a limited r/o, once its drained i have to wait again, and i cant use my tap, becuz i have well water and its extremly hard ward. But i tired flushing the big female wih bud, i have very well draining soil, fans, ac. but the soil seems to stay wet, and now smells like a wet dog. is there anything i can do to prevet that moldy taste from going into my buds?
    much love for all the replies!
  4. For your first grow It's lookout very nice I think I wish my first grow went that good. Everybody wants big plump sticky buds. While researching light for my first grow I found that to replicate the sun you need a minimum of 3,000 lumens psf up to 10,000 psf. With only 40,000 in a room that size your ahead of the game I think.
    So bigger lights and pots should give you bigger buds.
  5. Hey dood.. Stretching is a normal part of plant growth an very different from stress. Stretching occurs once flowering is the switch in the light cycle to 12/12. How far exactly are you into flower? Your buds will continue to develop over the next few weeks and will slowly but gradually put on weight.. Moving them is fine, try to avoid shaking... Just cuz that may break shit.

    What's your setup? Closet? You have a carbon filter?

    Not bad at all so far... Keep it up :)

  6. Hey dudes! love the advice! keeps me from getting too discouraged, lol. But i got, 1 female who just turned 6 weeks today!! (6 weeks of flowering) 5 other ladys who are two weeks into flowering. and 5 more veging out! no carbon filter, i dont kno if its the strain or what, but it just dont stink up the joint! wen i smell the buds they smell like a mother tho!! so i kno they'll be potent. Just have the central A/C on. and a ocelating fan to give em air. i got them in a all white closet, so it reflects real good! the only thing im real shitty at still, is the nutes. im still learning how to correctly use them!! thanks again!! :bongin:
  7. I thought you were growing in a room, get some mylar to reflect light better if its in a closet.

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