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  1. Hey guys take a look, I thought I saw a spider mite and white dots so I got neem and been watering with it and spraying with it, maybe not as much as I should. I'm unsure if this is from a bug bite or if its because a light touched it and I didn't notice or something else? I haven't used any nutes yet and she is in light warrior so it can't be nute burn, thanks for your help guys. Lighting is CFL.

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  2. Post some pics in regular lighting.
  3. I cant tell from the pic, your dirt and all around look clean.
    Is it that bottom leaf in the middle under another leaf?  Its kinda blurry but thats the only spot I can see.
    If its that leaf, no not light burn.  But cant tell for sure from viewing if its nute issue or bugs.
    Your leaf tips are curling up a bit, whats the temps?
  4. 70-85 in the box about 5-10 degrees hotter at lights, rh usually around 30-40 but if the dish of water inside dries out sometimes falls to 10 or lower, will post better pics in a moment
  5. This is a pic of the original leaf in question image.jpg now i dropped in a quarter flowertab in each last night and watered and im seeing a few brown spots on the leaves, unsure if this is nute burn or because i sprayed the neem solution with the lights on image.jpg image.jpg

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  6. And a quick look at the set up, will be a perpetual auto cab, the vegging rack has not started so those pots are for show image.jpg a shot from above, and i know i need to clean it im doing that later and layong down pandafilm on the bottom aswell image.jpg it is now day 15 since the eldest came up and day 13.5 for the runt
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     One leaf tip looks like it either touched the light and got burnt a little bit or it could be nute burn which can look the same and start at the leaf tips and works its way inward. Are you giving it nutes yet or does the soil have nutes in it? 30-50% humidity is good. Having a small fan blowing on the plants will help the plants build stronger stems and help dissipate heat at canopy level if you have good air exchange and hot air exhaust rate.
  8. Look at the second post i have 2 fans in the cab, i didnt put in nutes up until last night before the first tip looked burned, the brown spots on the others i thonk are just from spraying neem during the lights on
  9. After the tip had already looked burnt*
  10. Well if your using Light Warrior soil and it was there before you gave it nutes then next best guess would be it may have got a little to close to the lights and burned the tip a little bit. Looking back at your first post you mentioned spider mites and little white dots. well little white dots on the leaves are a sign of spider mite damage. Did you check the under side of your leaves with a 30X pocket scope or jewelers loupe? To see spider mites you need on of those. Also if you do need to spray your plants do it a little while before lights come on or just after lights go out just run your lights for an extra few minutes to spray then turn them off. The extra few minutes aren't going to hurt the plants light cycle.
  11. How do you think they look other wise? Like I said they're only two weeks with the largest at 2.26" and the smallest at just about 2"
  12. They look pretty good sofar.
  13. Your plant is too young to tell. It looks pretty good, nothing serious to worry about. Don't get into rocket science because you see a yellow spot or a brown tip. Inspect the new growing foliage that is sprouting from the top. If that looks good, then your plant is ok. Remember that marijuana is a weed. It can go through hell and still survive. It can sustain a 2 week drought before it starts to seriously wilt and die (unless you are growing in Yuma, Arizona during July). Good luck to you.
  14. Fuck Yuma in July...that's a terrible place to be in the middle of summer.

    Grow it and smoke it... Hopefully.

  15. Hello! I have a similar problem! Im 14 days in under 400w hps. My fan leaves on one of my girls has started to develop white tiny dots. These dots are increasing in quantity on some of the leaves. Could it be light burns from water on the leaves or is it some bug? Icannont see anything moving.
    Yeah last month one of my plants were showing a serious sign of nitrogen deficiency. I fed the bitch, and she is recovering ok today.

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