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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ash23, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. I went to a place where I live called Farm & Fleet... they had a light bulb of interest to me. "Fluorescent Plant Bulb" 40 watt, 48" long. It's by Phillips Lighting.... I'm pretty sure this will work but I figured I'd ask to make sure.


    UPC: 392282
    Description: F40T12/Plant/48"
    Watts: 40
    Bulb: T12
    Base: Med. Bipin
    Life Output: 1600
    Life Hours: 20000
  2. not really worth it m8.
    your better off with a mix of cool and warm whites.
  3. Holy Sh*t!! Did you say "Farm and Fleet"? You must be a mid-west brethren... Farm and fleet rocks like a hurricane!
  4. hahaha, definately theolivinlarge! Yeah, I live in Wisconsin where there's a farm and fleet roughly every 30 or so miles.
    Glad to see I'm not the only one who knows.

  5. het ash theolivinlarge bretheren here lol
    ash the 48 inch said "light output 1600". i take it thats the lumens in layman terms. 3000 lumens i guess will rock your ladies world in a good way. 1500 lumens im thinkin is the bare minimum per plant or square foot for a worthy grow.
  6. much obliged johnny. Gotta love how people name an item hoping you'll buy it just for the name. You figure an item named "Plant light" would work best for plants, but in the end, generic's or off-set namebrands work the best. Thanks for the help everyone. I decided to go with Sylvania's Cool and Warm bulbs in an alternate fixture. 1 Cool, 1 Warm. Take it easy everyone

  7. hey, do any of u guys know if i could start growing with a halogen light just for a temp. time??
  8. Definitely no on the halogen. The majority of the energy discharged from halogens is in the form of heat, not light, and therefore is rendered useless. You're just as well off using an incandescent light.

  9. wisconsin rocks!

    and get a hot red and cool white like thug says.
  10. Ive Grew 3 Plants Fine On The Exact Same Set-up U Just said,if u can try to find a place on a sunny day to put ur plants outside for a few days...They Budded Out and everything..I had a good strain too...Called Time Warp (outdoor)
  11. gotta watch that advertising!

    the 'plant lights' such as those floro's and Grow & Show bulbs produce light that make indoor plants and flowers 'look' prettier.

    I used the 48"s. cool for veg warm for flower. a mix of the two will work great.

    Have Fun,

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