Lifting Weights and Mary Jane

Discussion in 'General' started by Ardfoe8, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Anyone here a gym rat? I usually lift weights about three times a week, which, by the way, I'd suggest to anyone who'd like to put on some muscle. You don't have to go crazy by any means...and it boosts self-confidence and is good for health. Just do some research and you should be good to go.

    But anyway, anyone use weed to enhance their workouts in some way? I usually smoke after I work out. Anyone use it during a workout?
  2. I find weed saps my strength too much for weightlifting, but works wonders when it comes to running/biking
  3. Same here, I am much more for a jog and smoke, though it's probably due to the woody trails. When I smoke and lift, I get a more drained type high until afterwards, when it becomes a fun spaced high.
  4. I cant imagine smoking before I go to the gym and lift. First off, it would be a major buzzkill. Secondly, if I smoked before going to the gym I would never make it there cause I'd be to chilled out to work out..become completely unmotiviated to work out. I get pumped up with music before I lift.. listen to some Rage or some Metallica..get the adrenaline flowing. HOWEVER, I definitely toke up after a good workout.. thats when its time to just chill the fuck out and reward yourself for a good workout. ya dig?
  5. I work out every other day, and I could never work out high it makes it soo much worse. I don't understand how people do it, not to mention if you wait you will get so much higher.
  6. I work out for the first hour that I wake up everyday. From benching to jogging, I do it all.

    Before my work out I smoke half a bong, after my workout I do the same thing. I don't believe I've ever worked out not being stoned. Maybe I would have greater/faster results not stoned--but I don't care to find out.
  7. You're like my buddy, whenever we blaze he always wants to lift weights and box me. whereas I just want to chill the fuck out.

    weed definetely unleashes a different side of this dude. its wierd.

    I wish I knew someone who had a nice weight bench. I hate only having my apartments fitness room.
  8. the kevin spacy in american beauty smoked weed when he worked out...
    but i dont think it can help
  9. smokin pot after workouts is a great way to relax and recover from an good workout...
    i had my buddy spot me while i tried to max bench with a fat joint in my mouth, i inhaled as i let the wieght down-started coughing & it was a good thing i had a spotter...i almost blacked out and had a very stong headache for about two minutes...never tried that again.

  10. Smoking after a workout can make for a better high, with endorphins (sp?) being released and all.
  11. after a hot shower is the best. before just drains all my will to workout. i guess thats what you get for smoking the killer
  12. Well my gym is apprx. 5 ft from me right now. It's a bench press with a leg extension dealy.

    I try to hit up the press before I head to work everyday. Makes carrying heavy trays of food seem easier.

    edit: working out high is ok. it's usually how I do it.
  13. I know that if you work out in your room, and your plants are in there, the more you work out, the better both you and the plants will breath. work out on a 6-pack and grow some cola, not often would you hear that
  14. I don't think it's very healthy to lift after smoking anything. MJ smoke which contains carbon monoxide, benzene and other chemicals increases your heart rate. slows oxygen cells in blood and reduces circulation.
  15. Yeah, I work out daily(Biceps Monday/Friday, Chest Tuesday/Saturday, etc.) and I'd never be able to work out my Biceps hard if I was high. I've never tried to bench while high, but i'm pretty sure that's not a good idea either.
  16. I always get high before workouts and it gets me motivated enough. Its like my minds on tunnel vison. I couldnt do it smoking dank but some mids work fine for me i save the dank for after my workout.
  17. it all depends on the type of weed

    some weed will pump me up, some makes me not want to work out.

    ALso it depends on how high your tolerance is, I could do almost anything stoned just as well if not better then I could sober.
  18. I just put a workout bench in my room today. hahahaha:) hey doobie ashtray, thats awsome that you listen to devin the dude, barely anybody i know does.

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