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  1. i went for a walk to day i saw big trees and the snow melting away in the feilds and they were starting to show grass,but the snow well soon be falling again and i got some wood and set the wood stove, a big round oak to heating the kitchen. the heat covers my back and i go on the web and look around at times the heat gets to 1o5 or so, it feels great ,on the cold winter nights,the smell of the wood ... so, what are you all doing to night out there in the world i would like to think you are reading this and waiting for me to type some thing worth reading and i guess i 'll try, once apone a time and old man lived by him self in the great snowy north ,one winter night he had no wood for the fire, he set to the task of finding some ,he got dress with his sweater his wife had made for him many years befor her death ,old and waren then his coat missing bottons and all ,he put on his old boots and headed out to the raod where he could walk along the side and hunt for wood ,he was to old to walk in the deep snow as he walked he wood set the wood he found by the side of the road and hope to pick it up on the way back, he had not gone this far in many many years ,no one realy knew him, he stayed to him self and did the best he could ,he thaught to him self, i can find enough wood for even a small fire ,as he walked along the road he wonder if he could make it back home to the safty of his home even cold at lest it was safe,thin he herd a sound it sounded like someone crying as he walked farther down the road the the crying got loader ,thin he saw her, a little girl setting off to the side of the road in the snow ,she was crying and cold ,she said sir can you help me ,he said yes but what is wrong and how did you get here,she said i was looking for my little dog he ran away and i tryed to find him but it started to snow and i fell and i cant stand ,ive hert my foot ,i am so scare ,he said now there little one i got ya and the old man picked her up and said you must live this way up the road i havent seen you be fore now and she said yes i do live this way but i have been walking for a long time sir and the snow is getting deeper, he said dont you worry your little head, i am ok and she coverd her face from the snow as he walked ,he walk a long ways down the road and herd another sound this time it was a little dog shakeing in the cold the snow almost covered him to the neck,he said little girl is this your dog, yes ,sir thank you thank you thank you so much sir he said your welcome and my name is old william ,my name is sue and my dog is speck ,well its nice to meet you both ,so he picked up the dog and started to walk, now his back was getting sore and his feet were cold as ice ,he saw the snow getting deeper as he walked ,in the back of his mind he was thinking how will i find my wood in the snow and how far dose she live ,he could feel the years in his body as he walked ,the little girl reached up and wiped the sweat from his for head sir you have to stop ,your cold and its been to far for you .no no i'll be fine he said as he walked, he didnt want the little girl to get any colder than she all ready was, so he started to sing as he walked soon he came to a big hill the little girl stuck out her head and said i live up there at the top of the hill the old man looked up ,at the hil thin to the sky were the snow flakes landed on his face , he said god give me the strength this one time ,and he started the climb up the hill he would not stop and he would not fail ,he could no longer feel his feet or the blisters on the them his face was cold as ice, when he reach the top of the hill ,he walked up to the house and people started to come out to meet them, her mother was crying and the father thanked him for safeing sue and her dog ,the old man just trued all at once and started to walk away he was scared and haded knowen any one new in his life in many years ,as he started to walk down the hill a big truck pulled out of the driveway behind him and started to come his way ,it stop beside him and it was sue's father hop in sir, its snowing hard and its going to get worse,he was just to cold and frozen and old to say no,he said thank you and climbed in to the truck ,as they headed down the hill, the heat from the trucks heater made his feet sting so bad the tears ran down his face he tryed to look away so sus's father would see him like that,as they were going down the road sue's father said my name is big jack, i just bought that old fram and wood lot a few mounth ago and i am cuting fire wood , so this snow well be great for my orders, as he talked about the wood the old man was thinking about the wood he left by the road and the cold house he was going home too,as the truck pulled in the drive way and up to the house the lights were out and the house looked cold and lonely the old man had never seen it that cold or that lonely,as the big truck truned, it started to get stuck and the old man said watch out theres a big mud hole in the drive way, it was to late the big truck shifted its weight and stuck it was ,they got and looked at the deep hole ,he said i dont think i can get out with the load on my truck ,can i dump it here the old man said it will take a long time to unlaod it ,wont it,no sir, this is a dump bed ,whats that he said i throw this leaver and it dumps it out the old man just looked and said i'll be dam ive never seen one like that ,yes ,you can dump it and big jack threw the leaver and the truck dumped the wood ,10 cords ,he said ill be able to get out now i think and he pulled out of the mud hole with the big truck like it had never been stuck at all,he got out of the truck and said its snowing bad sir and ill never make that hill with the wood and all this snow so i guess its stuck here for a few weeks un less you could use it ,that would sure help me if you could ,i got lots and i would just have to laod it by hand and it would take to long sir, well i guess it would be allright ,jack smile and said fine and thanks again old william ,i got to get home be for it snows any harder ,big jack waved and drove away! the old man just looked at the 10 cord of wood in a big pile feet from his front door ,that much wood will last me all winter he smiled and crabed some to start fire,big jack got home and set by the fire looking at the flames flicking in the big old round oak, his wife came and sat by him,jack said how is sue ? shes fine i was so worried thank god she's all right ,jack said no mary, thank old william for that, jack said i'll have to laod the truck again in the morning ,mary said why its full now ,no, i got stuck at old william's and had to dump the laod ,mary smiled as she got up to get jack some coffie to warm him,and said that trucks never been stuck before ,jack looked back and smile and said i know. ................................................ i am sorry if i made to many miss steaks ,my eyes are sore and i cannt help it now but i hope you like it .tazz11
  2. that was such a sweet story rainman! i wish i had read it sooner, you put a much-needed smile on my face with this one, truly touched my heart.
    hope you're well!
    love and peace~
  3. Great story rainman, it put a much needed...uh...grin, to my face. It reminded me of the movie Life is Beautiful for some reason. I love that damn movie...gotta see it with subtitles.
  4. I loved it Rainman! It has started my day with a smile. I had many tears flow yesterday, but today is a new day and I thank you for a good start. Hope is always on the horizan.

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