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Discussion in 'General' started by DeviousByNature, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Not expecting any replies or help. Just need to rant a little to some people who might understand or at least listen. So Me and Skittles finally get the opportunity to move out of Tennessee as I'm sure many of you know. Now with 2 weeks left to go and sitting on broke lane the transmission in our car goes out. Wouldn't that figure, lol... $300 more or less keeping us from getting her to our baby appointments and getting out of this state to our new home. My family are a bunch of tight asses and wont help and her family has already put everything into it they can afford. Sux to cause I have some exceptionally rich family members. What does one say to their family when they don't seem to care that a member of their family needs help but they wont offer it or give it when asked. No one in my family even seems to care I have a kid on the way.. I'm at a loss other than to say my family is SHIT!!! Any way thanx for reading my rant. Getting a little stress out is helpful..We don't even have any herb to help ease the stress cause all our money has gone into the move we might not be able to make now..
  2. :( sucks rite now
  3. Sorry to hear this...

    Best I can say is have you actually asked the people in your family to loan you money, like in person or on the phone. Get 6 people to give you 50 dollars a pop and that's 300 but you'll have to pay it back, of course.

    I'm sure even in hard times family seems to come out alright.. Blood helps eachother and even if they're not blood get some friends to loan you the money, explain the situation.

    Pawn some things, make it happen.. Do some quick construction work, go to a temp agency if you have to get your boss to loan you money.

    Best of luck...

    Sorry you don't have any herb... if I knew you I'd smoke you out :smoke::smoke:
  4. If you've asked for their help and they refuse to give it to you, what else can you do? That's real shitty of them..

    Is the move a necessity at this point? You should be focused on what's necessary to keep yourselves alive and happy, while saving money to raise your child. I know this move may be really important to you, but sometimes sacrifices need to be made, you know?

    A good way to get some quick cash is to pawn off the title to your car or new apartment, that may gibe you enough to get yourselves back on your feet and start making money to buy back the title and save some money to support your child.

    If i were sober i know I could help you more but my thoughts are VERY skewed right now...i hope i helped :(
  5. trust me weebs..his family bites...mine is going thru awesome lengths to get us up there, and his family really couldnt give a shit..yes hes asked them to help *we've even asked his rents to stop fighting with me over trivial stuff and his dad to stop calling me a crack whore* and its just not happening...we've got nothing to pawn really...we've thought about it, and in the past have already pawned everything that the store will take
    temp agency wont take him..he doesnt have an id *from a house fire last year* and he cant get a new one due to red tape in this state and accepting out of state birth certificates *it took me 3 months to get my emergency healthcare that was supposed to be instant because im from out of state*

    we'll make it happen, we always do...its just really shitty rite now...ive been meaning to make a rant thread for a few months now, but just said fuck it..theres a lot of it that hasnt been said about his family and where we're living and the condition its in...and frankly...idk if its my place to say it or ill wait to get a heads up or down from devious before posting any more

    and yes this move is necessary for the SAFETY of our child.....
  6. Yeah, that comes first and foremost. What costs required for the move have you not paid yet? Devious said the move may not happen, what is still unpaid?
  7. yes the move is necessary for the sake of our lives and our child. My parents are nasty people with a house full of crud and bugs. Too many animals poorly taken care of among many other things left to be listed. I have asked with no such luck, all my friends/people i know are low life losers. The move is for the best. Like skit said, we'll make it. Between Her and me our willingness to overcome is beyond what most could hope for. As long as we have each other and the hope to thrive we'll manage. Like I said this was just a rant to get some things off mind.. But it's nice to know some would smoke us up. Thanx, sad though that complete strangers would do more for me than family. But yes my family blows major meat poles.. Glad to be marrying out of it and into a better one. My family is so bad I've almost considered taking my wifes last name and loosing mine.
  8. Everything is paid and ready to go. We are for the most part packed as well. The transmission in our car went out with 2 weeks to go and no money to fix it. I am A.S.E certified and can do the repair myself saving alot of money, but don't have the cash for cost of parts since all money has been sunk into the move itself.
  9. its not whats unpaid really...its this new expense that we cant afford to fix in the time frame that we've got...if its not fixed by the 12th then no mom and my g-pa are driving down in his truck to move us up, my dad is giving us a place to stay until devious finds a steady job and then some, my mom *again...shes awesome...i love her* is going to pay for an apt for us for about a year so that we can save up money and not need to worry about feeding ourselves or the baby. shes been sending money on a near weekly basis for food and gas so that i can make it to my appointments...if i wasnt preggo it wouldnt be such a big freakin say fuck it with the drs and not worry about gas money..but a lot of you kno that ive been on bedrest for most of the duration of this pregnancy so the drs is a yeah

    all that his rents have done is let us stay *unwelcomly and ungraciously* in a room that they wouldnt be using ne ways..they pay for the bills *we take up only about 50 bucks of those to begin with* and some of the mom pays for a lot of my food and im also on wic...they eat my wic food and give it to their dogs even...they buy liqueur when they cant even afford food...shitty ppl all around that we'll be glad to get out of our lives...theyve really done nothing but make things that much harder...they were even the cause of my last still doing housework and takin care of THEIR animals and hes still doing everything yardwork and fixing what he can around the house...and then they yell at us that we do nothing at all to contribute and his mom tries to take credit for the stuff that im doing as well....just all around scummy ppl...and thats not even all of it

    my family has been buying baby stuff and sending money and is doing EVERYTHING in their power to give devious and i the best possible chance to have an ok life and to make sure that our baby is taken care of...his mom lets the dogs jump on me when im trying to go up/down yeah
  10. Set up a donation on GC?

    skittlette is well known and respected here, devious is new but im sure some blades would be happy to help out, myself included.

    Paypal ftw

    and if your moving anywhere in south carolina i'll smoke you out :)
  11. lolz mwayles..ive thought about it..cuz honestly..5 or 10 from just a few ppl would help out...but id never ask such a thing of my fellow blades...ive thought about it..i wont lie..but its true...but liek i nvr ask anything like that from these wonderful pplz

    and nope..we're in tn now...and moving to mass...just so that you can see the major lengths that my wonder-mom is going thru

  12. Your relatives define the word 'family', i'm sorry devious' family are so cruel to you, sometimes you just need to separate yourself from such negativity.

    +rep to both of you, I wish you all the luck in the world.
  13. thaks...its true..ive got an awesome FAMILY...and i kno it and dont take it for granted....i cant wait to show devious what a real family is like...and he cant wait to be a part of one...they havent even met him, and already call him family because he makes me happy and gave me the one thing in this life that i nvr thought was possible
  14. I envy your pride, if things get too tight to handle don't forget your fellow blades are here to help you out.

    GC is a wonderful place :wave:

    Really makes me despise the negativity surrounding marijuana users in mainstream society, people are so misinformed.
  15. Thank you so much. I am trying my hardest to separate myself from it all.Yeah skittle has thought about the donate idea, but it's beyond her to ask such things even in times of need. Thank you though, It is truly nice to know some people care enough to want to help. I don't know what that feels like since i've always been a part of this family and have never known what it's like to have people care until skittle. Yes I'm new here but I've been by skittles side the whole time she's been a part of the City and have added my comments, she finally convinced me to join. And it is full of a bunch of cool people, and I see now people who actually care, seems the City is more a family than I have ever known.. Thanx all for the input and care..
  16. trust me..i kno ive got pride...and ive gotten it out of the way when it needs to be very close to this breaking point again

    and your rite...its disgusting to me how looked down upon we all are...if these ppl could see how much we care about each other and are always there to give a hand, a smile or a joint to someone we've nvr even met...theyd think twice about the decrim movement...but then again there are all them nasty lil kids out there that would ruin it for the rest of us *like whats going on with salvia* its them who are looked at...not us

    but yeah...your rite mwayles *i have no idea how to pronounce your name :eek:btw lol* if something doesnt happen by the end of this friday...something is def gonna need to be done...its the only car of the house hold too *besides his dads co car..and you think id even get a RIDE to my appt?? ha* and they still wont help fix it...theyve known about its dieing state for a while now..and REFUSED to fix it when they could afford it..and now that its basically dead and they cant help *lo and behold whoda thunk* its once again up to devious and myself
  17. You're probably the 7th or 8th person who I have seen post that, that GC is more of a family than they have ever known. It makes me proud to be a part of this community. Amongst the flaming and underage bullshit, there are some truly valuable members here.

    If you won't accept money, how about a trade? I'll send y'all some money, and in exchange you can name your baby after me. :hello:
  18. lolz!!! srry guy...but names already set...lols

    unless ur name is aidan...then idk what to tell yah

    and trust me..its not that i wont accept money *or the parts to car* i just have a hard time asking for it....i wasnt raised that way is all so its hard for me
  19. Not that we wont accept, we just can't willingly ask.. Unfortunatly the babies name is already set, besides Mwayles Joseph lacks that ring.. LOL... Need a Ferret, some fish or maybe some computer parts. lol.. Joking about the ferrets Skittles would kill me,, they are our children to...
  20. Em - whales

    first name (Matt) + hometown (Wayles)

    no idea why i picked it, this is the first and only forum i've registered to so i thought a name like Toker420 would be childish but then i saw everyone else has weed reference in their names and I felt dumb for picking a more professional one but its all good :)

    Does your town have a taxi service or any other opportunities for public transportation that wouldn't compromise the pregnancy?

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