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  1. Imagine how fragile life is? Especially these days, there are so many ways to die, we could be mudered, carbon monoxide poisioning, car crashes, there are millions of ways to die. Its baffles me that , us you and me, people reading this are still alive and still are granted another day of life.

    When i look at a elderly person, i dont just take it for granted and walk away going on with my day, i think about how many times they have dodged death thoughout their life without even noticing. Like one day they could have been sitting down on their couch 30 years eairler and right when they got up a poison insect flew by about to sting them, and kill them. And they dodge death without noticing. I think about how many amazing things they have seen thoughout their lives, how many people they met. Do they have more good memories then bad? Did they make the best of their life, or live day by day same routine, if i was 85 years old today, i wouldnt want to look at how many cars i had or how much money i had. I would like to look at how many amazing people i met, how many people i made laugh, cry..

    Just a bit of rambling from me haha, no point just wanted to share it, i was thinking about it last night in bed, i had so many thoughts about life and elders and babies, just life in general.
  2. You should volunteer at an assisited living home and maybe talk with the elderly people. I've done it before just to mingle with people from a different generation than i like shuffleboard.

    Caring about other generations and the way they lived their life is very humbling. If your really that curious about things like that then I would definately recommend volunteering somewhere.
  3. i love life
  4. I was going to go on and on basically write a essay off the top of my head about life, but i got lazy, i would have written about everyone not just elders, its just one part of it.
  5. Sometimes I just wish it'd come already..

    [but I don't mean that in a depressive suicidal way]

    [oh and.. 'thats what she said'..]
  6. You wish it would come to see what happens?
  7. haha you DIE is what happens....
  8. People are incredibly fragile. The slightest tap in just the right way could kill you.
  9. So when you die you die? You die 2 times? What happens the second time you die again? You die, die then die?
  10. I mean it totally depends on what you believe happens when you die. Which is a TOTALLY different topic. But it's celebrated in other cultures when you die, because you're freed or something.
    I think that death, just like all other natural occasions should be determined by each person for him/herself.

    Buttttttt while you & I are both alive, we will live every single moment and appreciate it throughoughly. :)
  11. I used to think about how easily we could die,

    like if someone just shot me from behind, in the head.

    I could die, and not even see it coming, not be able to do anything about it.

    It used to unsettle me, and eventually I shifted my viewpoint.

    I'm looking forward to death. I enjoy life, but I'm totally cool with the fact I'm going to die.

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