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  1. :yay:dont you feel this is the best way to describe life:hello:
  2. What is?
    Life is a game.
    Life is a journey.
    Life is meaningless.
    Life is a dream.
    Life is a stage in our spiritual ascent.
    Life is what you make of it.
  3. only for the people who need to wake up.
  4. Life is a dream... What a bunch of horse shit.

    Its a dream for those who can't face reallity. The weak minded people that go to church every day, those that always say everything will be alright.

    When you wake up the longer you have been dreaming the more it hurts. The pain of loss and realization of everything you beleived in. That is true pain.
  5. Your all wrong.


  6. life is working

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