Life turns out okay.

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  1. About a year ago, my ex did some pretty unforgivable shit, and left me hurting pretty bad.

    i was seriously not looking for girls, nor did i want another relationship, i thought i was going to be like done girls for a few years.but just yesterday i spent the night with the hottest woman i've ever had the pleasure of hooking up with, damn it was fun.
    GREAT ass, great body in general, SMART, not clingy, down to earth (i mean she likes fucking kill bill volume 1&2).

    Blades... i was wrong. good women do exist out there. if any of you blades don't have hope for yourselves, take this into consideration. i was a foreveralone shy kid, but she managed to break it. i thought i would never find another girl like my ex, boy was i wrong.

    so if you think you're stuck, or never going to get a girl. don't worry about it. it will happen. just don't obsess over it, let it come to you. there's a girl out there for everyone i think, you just have to keep your options open. i'm really glad my ex dumped me (bitch she is) why? because now i have a 10x hotter woman and she has a fucking great personality as well. now that doesn't happen everyday blades, i figure this one is worth exploring a little more :smoke:
  2. Good luck with that man had all that bad stuff happen to me too but if it worked out for you i guess it could for me too

  3. that's the point of this thread bro, it can happen to anyone. life isn't fair. it isn't predetermined, shit just happens. some good some bad. but life is always changing and if it feels like you're in a rut, don't worry it won't last forever.

    just some advice for the city.
  4. I totally second your advice for guys who are worried about finding a girl. Don't worry about it. It'll happen eventually and everything will fall into place.

    I was one of those foreveralone awkward types also but it all started working out for me. I had kinda reconciled myself to the thought that I'd never have anyone, but then someone came along. Don't try too hard. There are good women out there, and you will eventually stumble upon one.
  5. Funny that you mention it.. same shit here.

    She saw kill bill on hbo while searching the guide and she was like OH SHIT we're watching it.

  6. exactly. and i fully admit that what im going through might not work out. but i'll learn from this one and the next one will hopefully be even better. that's how it works i guess.

    that's awesome man. i love movies so a girl who is into good movies is a bonus to me :smoke:
  7. Yeah man. Not superficial at all. is down to do anything, watch anything, play anything.
  8. See, I've been not looking for several years now. Still nothing :rolleyes:
  9. Well you still have to look. We're all animals and we all have our own unique "mating call"

    You cant cram yourself in your room all day and expect a girl to walk in and say "Okay im here"

    The phrase "Dont look and you'll find one" pretty much means, dont go into clubs/bars etc hitting on every single girl till you find one. Then again, you can do that but to each their own you know.

  10. what i mean is, you're still going to have to put in effort, but wait for a girl who peaks your interest. wait for a girl who is genuinely fun to talk to. it'll be worth your while.

  11. Well I've definitely never done that. Not my style................ still not sure what my style is.

    I don't know man, that whole effort thing sounds a lot like work.
  12. Glad things worked out for you bro :hello:..Always nice to here some success stories from other shy people..My last ex broke my heart pretty savagely but things have definetly got better ever since that day..I have no hard feelings at all about it thougth its kinda the nature of the beast when you care about other people..I'm 22, almost done with my masters, and will be finally out of college and moving somewhere to better things..I got lots of life still to live so its hard to really imagein that I wont meet a couple more girls in my life time lol..Glad to hear your story though bro and I agree that there are plenty of girls out there..just have to live life one day at a time :smoke:

  13. that's exactly it man, one step at a time. some days might suck but things will change. everything always changes at some point.

    im stoned of my ass and in a good mood.

  14. it's not really work at all, know why? because you like her. because she's interesting. because she's smart. because you see a potential mate and friend in her. that's what makes girlfriends man. well also you gotta be attracted to them, but don't only go for looks, i'm sure you know that though.
  15. Good for you.

    My boyfriend actually told me last night he's glad to have a girl he can do bad shit with. I guess I'm the whole package.

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