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Life privacy???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eldervech, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. I heard that in usa, you had the right to refuse a cop to open a mallet exemple if he arrest you. Is this rule the same in Canada? I mean example i'm carrying weed in a wallet, may i refuse to open it if a cop ask me to do it?
  2. Canada has police..?
  3. Yeh sorta. My friend got his bong confiscated while he got arrested by a POLICE
  4. I stared so long at mallet exemple, trying to figure what it was and how to open it.. haha. But is this true? If so, good to know!
  5. you have the right to refuse to be searched without probable cause
    typically if the cop has to ask to search you he can only do so if you agree
    by allowing him to search you you waive your right and whatever he finds you are responsible for

    this is atleast the law in the US

    edit: if you are under arrest they are allowed to search you and all your belongings
  6. Aren't mallets made to hit them as hard as you can without them opening (breaking) ?
  7. Yeh the problem is is this the same in Canada and yeah it is but i also carry my kush in it.
  8. If you refuse to give your name and show proper identification they can detain you until they have documentation on who u are.
    You could be some alien that took on human form and for all they know are probing everyone u see.
    dude... seriously... Dont probe me!
  9. bah i wouldn't refuse to give my name just refuse an inspection
  10. police eat my sperms.
  11. Yeh that's cool man nice to know but isn't it their job?
  12. i know that officer ... but he ate my shit that i crapped my pants in and then took another shit on after lighting the said pants with shit in them on fire with burned hair.
    cops are fuckin weird
  13. donuts rimjobs and getting shot is their jobs.
  14. Hehe a fun time but lets get back to the subjet if you guys don't care.
    *Any one know if this rules apply in canada?*

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