life plan?

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  1. I have a plan. What do you think? Opinions, answers, and tips please.

    1.) Go to college and get a bachelors in graphic designing. (Around 45k annual salary.)
    b.) How much would this cost?

    2.) After that, start looking for a job in Santa Monica, CA. Or somewhere near the coast.
    a.)find a really nice apartment.
    b.) Get a part-time job on the side. (Extra 10-20k a year.)
    c.) Life a good life and go on from there.
    What do you think?
  2. Sounds good when written down. But you gotta expect road blocks. It's not gona be that simple, but still sounds like you've got your head on straight lol.

    I'm in college now working on my associates in business. Gona try and get in the medical marijuana field ;)
    #1 if you draw well you make way more as a tattoo artist working part time just remember there is no eraser on that bitch. no degree needed. Self employed, take the day off when you want or work all night.
    #2 Living in an apartment sucks, no yard or garden,pets and animals , no real privacy or space. thats is a rat in a cage life.

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