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  1. ok a little grim, but what will happen to baby clones,....3 days old ---yea i know kinda late not my fault the boys did not do thier jobs correctly haha! they are to be moved, in a hurry, lets just say. how might a warm semi lighted (inderect sunlight) area affect them for about a week....they will be misted regulary at least....for all i know this will be a very bad move, ...if this would kill such things can i make it any better????.(lets just say for the sake of conversation...
    an hurry please :)
    thanks in advance.....
  2. oh an i forgot to add they would be looking very healthy at the moment and um mighta came from good stock....
    just more conversation
  3. Highawatha...your girls should be fine outdoors, if its anything like the weather we've been experiencing here in the midwest, then keeping them moist and where they get a fair chance at getting some sunshine they'll grow like weeds.
  4. since this is a very temporary move im thinking they'll be ok too. whew. it was all the tripping and spilling of a few random cups on my midnight hike, thats got me a little worried.(that just totall sucked btw) you would not believe what a couple of these poor little gals have been thru :)

  5. All I saw was Highawatha and I came to read the post---didn't notice the "general growing" forum. I was like, WTF, baby clones...BABY CLONES!!!!! OMG, "...the boys did not do their jobs...". What is high Highawatha up to??? Then, being the genius I am, I figured it out! Thank goodness. Between NuBBiN's avatar and Highawatha's cloned babies, I would never get any sleep!
  6. They should be fine if they are in a "greenhouse" effect not let any direct,or reflected sunlight hit them at all,,you don't want them to actually try to grow yet at 3 days old,,they need to worry about roots right now,,,that's why...

    If you can maintain a humidity over 65% ,,you should be carefull not to worry so much as to overwater...

    hope all goes well....(hide the

  7. who me?..... :D
    jus makin conversation.....
    they said it!!!!!
    although my new partner smacked me on the guys really doing that all the time? ;)
  8.'s the other cheek....

    have fun...take care of them 'lil ones...

  9. aaah, missed your post ndica eeek who's high eh?....while im on my stupidity way outta my league! cept for the butt'd you know it was just one cheek ;) (maybe its true and you guys really do do it? eh) i figured he was jus coppin a feel. nehow. how long can my greenhouse effect be good thing? i am back in a position to put them under flouro lights. its quite warm where they are tho i am inderectly moving the air with a fan. some leaves are actually quite droopy eh, ok dead looking but thats ok theve gone thru a lot. and unfortunatley i really did drop a couple on my hike. hopefully it was those.
    so if its time,...could you say higha turn your lights on now. that would be GREEAAAT!
    i could not achieve total darkness for them at all. they were perfect till today. might as well add that when they were clipped, i think its called to the first nodule? mostly a nice V shape with a lovely stem and in some cases a 3rd leaf,....if wilting is occuring its generally the 3rd leaf which is ok ill just cut that baby off :) im not picky. just a little confused. since i F-ed up right from the begining.
    thanks again.
    and again

  10. HIGH All, sorry for missing this one HIGHa but I would have had them under a little light from the start. It sounds like they took a shit kicking Alright. Try and keep the humidity up. Can you get any more cuttings or are you shit of luck?

    Been using a aero-cloner for sometime and it works great. But for some unknow reason I took clones from our JRS's (males) and they didn't make it ????? Go figure???? When using a areo-cloner you shouldn't need a dome...but if your using soil or a soilless mix Clones and Domes is what I say...IMHO. Hope we can get you back on track HIGHa.
  11. HIGH All, they look good HIGHa!!! I'd leave them alone and see what happens. Careful on the watering (I know I know) and I think they will be ok (fingers crossed).

    Oh Ya Your Keeping Us Updated Right.
  12. thanks everyone for ALL your help, if you caught that real quick, notice how the misting is being done?..aaargh whata
    this was not supposeto happen :)
    many many many thanks
  13. could you say higha turn your lights on now. that would be GREEAAAT!
    Yep...back under the flouros right
    You did say it was a temporary move....glad you have it ,at least under control may be a pain,but it is a good,,keep us posted...

    unoit...Clones and hear ya man....solid truth..

    I never use any dome for aero,,, need..

  14. might as well finish this up....well from what i figure ive killed some :( . extreme heat played a HUGE part and so did well maybe i got the over -watering info a little too late, just maybe.hehe.
    i had first thought to make up for the oven they were in to just kinda mist the heck outta them.
    everything is ok now. live and learn. i spose.
    *note to time i have to hike at nite wear bug spray.
    thank you thankyou, thankyou all for all your wise and helpful advice.

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