life of agony

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  1. If you don't walk with me, I will walkalone

    Hard enough to believe in myself
    When I know they don't believe in me
    Unwilling to change for society
    I'll be who I wanna be

    I wanna tear it up, tear it out
    Get my aggression out
    This is what we're here for, control the dance floor
    This is why we're here
    I said, this is why we're here

    So when will it end, when will it end
    When will they comprehend, comprehend
    That we will overcome this system
    I said this is why we're here

    They keep on kicking me down, kicking me down
    Tryin' to keep me underground, underground
    But did I mention we were paving the way
    For the new breed of bad seed
    We'll never let up until we hear every voice scream
    Screamin' these words, screamin' these words
    'Til very voice is heard, voice is heard
    They keep on screamin' these words, screamin' these words
    'Til every voice is heard...

    Calling from the underground!

    I can feel it in the air breathe!
    I can see we all agree
    Unwilling to change for society
    We'll be who we wanna be

    We are the underground
    We are the underground
  2. anyone even know who this band is but me?
  3. Wow... that's eh... angsty?
  4. very... the name of the album is river runs red...kicks ass from one end to the other!!!!

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