Life man, Life.

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  1. I got hit in the face with this thing called "Life" this month. Never knew it existed when I was in high school, but apparently once you graduate people expect you to actually be responsible for yourself.

    I was notified that I will not be allowed to return to the university I've been attending. So I busted my ass applying places and received four job offers and I was accepted to the local CC. Working at this new job of mine I've figured out that I can easily save back $200 a week living at home, but I want to go back and finish my degree at a university so I don't have to work for $8 an hour the rest of my life.

    I'll need $60,000 to finish out my degree and $200 a week isn't going to cover that. My family doesn't have money, and I've pretty much paid for everything since I was 16. It just seems like there is a system put in place for people like me to fail at life.

    I'm not the smartest person, but I work hard and I want a degree. I know a lot of rich kids who don't give a shit about going to college, but I busted my ass just to get accepted. How do I overcome? How do I make sure I achieve these goals? It just really feels like you have to have money to go anywhere in life.
  2. Check out federal student loans... if not you could go private but interest rates are insane.. yeah dude life blows I am in the same spot as you. Stuck.
  3. Already owe $8,000 to the state for loans. I emptied my own savings account to attend freshman year, and my parents took $5,000 out of their retirement funds to help assist me, but I refuse to ask for anymore money from them.
  4. The system man, it'll fuck you every time.
  5. The problem is that americans are raised thinking that being in debt is not only alright.. but completely normal and encouraged. (myself included)

    You're paying 60k for a university..

    I'm paying like.. 2k for a community college.. then planning on transferring to a university for free.

    You'll still probably make $8 an hour right out of school, regardless of where you go.

    Are you really interested in working at $8 an hour to pay off $60k in loans?

    I know I'm not.
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    this is why people sell drugs. money.

    raw toast: no, that's incorrect. no one is raised thinking debt is ok, normal and especially not encouraged. it would be appreciated if you didn't assume that because you were raised that way, the rest of america was raised that way and you start the whole "lolamericans" kinda thing. i've never met one single person who has thought that, and i've been around. also, university isn't free.
  7. Encouraging student loans (debt), car payments (debt), house payments (debt), credit card bills (debt) and other materilistic bullshit that no one needs and can't pay for.. is debt.
  8. College is one of the shittiest things out there man. There are a few things I'd love to go to college for but the way it's set up is just fucking lame. They gouge the fuck out of their prices because they know they can and nobody can do much about it. It's just so overpriced it's not funny anymore
  9. Move to France, seriously...

    French isn't that hard, go to university here...I paid about the equivalent of $600 for a year here.
  10. Financial brah, my family aint pay for shit, I go to a really good respected Uni and im 30k in debt with 1 year to go but aint no thang ill pay it off. Get grades get financial aid and you can afford it.

    Go to
  11. My dad just lost his job recently so as of right now the government considers my family "rich" somehow based on last years taxes even though we are far from it. If my mom made $10,000 less a year I'd get financial aid through the roof, but yea guys thanks for the replies. I was just stressed out before work yesterday so I posted this. I have a 3.07 at the local CC so I'm hoping to raise that back up closer to a 3.9, 4.0 range like I had my senior year of high school so I can get some scholarships.

    I guess I could always just paint my skin black, my best friend gets $18,000 (Which he never has to pay back) a year to go to any university he chooses just for being black :/
  12. Community college ftw
  13. better off taking that $60 grand and going to Vegas

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