Life is the most precious thing..................

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  1. I had a friend that was 17 just recently die and it has made me not want to be a stoner or a drinker anymore.............. here is was happened on saturday night brooks was drinking and got alcohol poisoning and fell down the steps andhit his head knocked him out cold.........he would wake up later on that night and go to the hospital and get checked for the alchol posiong all while this is going on he has the signs of head trama and he would be released and sunday afternoon his dads birthday he suffered a major heart attack and would later be pronounced brain dead at 7 30 sunday night last weekend and he was kept alive till bout 3 30 monday afternoon he saved 9 ppls lives with his organs all the way from skin to his eyes were dontated..............i just wanted to let u know wat a fellow stoner is going through right now..............i havent smoked since saturday night and saw him on sunday brain was his funeral and he was such a good guitar player.........................this kid would change ur life with anything he was the universal friend................i just wanted to say this is wat i am going through right now and that u should take life more seriously and it is precious..............................
  2. Thats why I rarely drink.
  3. yea i have become an unmotivated and depressed perosn he was a good friend
  4. That's amazing that he saved 9 peoples lives... let us hope that karma will have these people do AMAZING things in their lives...

    I'm very sorry for your losses and I understand you don't want to smoke or drink right now. Probably lost your sex drive too for a little bit. All those things like that... happen to me when one of my friends dies (lately there's been a lot of suicide, our county is number one for suicide in the country).

    A death like this can change your outlook on life forever. So don't let your friends life have been lost in vain, let this event widen your outlook on life. It's one thing to change someones life physically with an organ transplant but changing someones mind forever... that's a powerful thing that goes a long way.
  5. thanx dude
    i really needed someone to say that to me
    i am being serious that helped out 10000 times
  6. yeah theres been lots o' death n shit lately. my grandpa died and my friends dad died then like a month later her grandma died. pretty shitty.
  7. im sorry to hear that dude.. my grandmother died recently from cancer, and her burial service was today. it really does suck when someone you know dies.. and i agree with you about life being precious..
  8. i doubt that ill ever get over losing this friend he brought the best out of me when i was so down and mad at school and when i went to class on tuesday n he wasnt there all i could do was look at his seat and just imagine
  9. i have a friend just like ur describing. him and i are best bros for ever... i eman damn i couldnt ever loose him... it would be like loosing a part of me.

    good luck man
  10. i feel like i have lost like my left leg or left arm or any body part
    and it suck cause tommorow i leave for the bahamas for spring break and i planed on doing so much and life isnt wat it used to be to me anymore
  11. All my condolences go to you my frined. I feel your pain, im really sorry.

    Know that your friends soul is still alive and as awake as ever. I know this as a fact not only from researching the pineal gland, but self expirience. The pineal gland is the spirit molecule producer..

    Its the seat of the soul.

    Your friends soul has moved on to find a new seat, and your souls after-seat will become befriend your friends once again in the futur.

    Right now he is probably in a moment of infinit time, where time does not matter. Remembering all his lives, looking at this last one. Having fun with this world of creating whatever. And will soon perhaps live another life when he choses it is right.

    Most animals know not to get attached to material things, because they know everything is eternal, and that at the root of the body is the true figure, the true soul, and that it will live again in another body.

    These are words of my advice, i hope you feel happyer sometime soon. Try meditation, and find your friend to perhaps hangout with. The mind is a perplexing thing, meditation and it can do unimaginable things.
    Peace always
  12. if thats what you believe man ^,i mean id like to believe that but im thinking once you die its over homes, theres nothing, ZERO, zilch, you gone and your spirit or whatever the fuck is donebar too, there is no life after death, there aint no place where u meet up w/ all your boys, it aint SHIT, if anythin it will be like b4 u were born or some shit, like right when your born, dont know/remember shit.
    tomorrow may never come, for any of us, bottomline, life is not promised.
    to the T.S.- sorry to hear bout your friend. like others noted, may he rest in peace.
  13. and we dug this thread out of the grave for what reason? :rolleyes:
  14. i guy that i knew a little, a year younger, killed himself the other day. i mean if i never talked to him again before that i would of never noticed, but he killed himself. and it got me really down. it just sucks that people can get to a point lilke that, and when something like that happens to someone you know or in your community it really makes you take a step back and get things in perspective
  15. oh shit i must have been stupid out of my mind...... I dont know how i found this post...gues i thought it was in one of the new threads....
    Didn't realize it was from wayyy the fuck back in april.
  16. hey i just have to say im really sorry for your loss man, i recently lost my grandma and my dog both from cancer, and before that i hadnt really experienced a person i love dying. its going to happen in life and theres nothing we can do about it but just take it for what it is. i went into an extremely deep depression, and my already present obsessive compulsiveness flared out of control. I would switch from a great mood to a horrible mood in a matter of minutes and the anxiety was so immense it was insane. every day i woke up i wanted to kill myself. Im getting better now, thankfully. but dont let yourself get to the point i did man, please, for yourself.

    again man im really sorry,
    hope everything goes alright.

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