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life is sweet, scored a dime, hell yeah!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TooSicKs, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. Hey all, guess what, it's time ta get hiii,,

    i just scored me a dimebag, not the best weed, but it's weed and even "not the best" is still really stoney around here. Some seeds, some stems but it's all good caue it's got a shitload of cakey ass reds hairs and a nice diggity smell!

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  2. that looks like a lot of weed like a lot more than a dime. happy smoking man
  3. it really isnt that much weed. look at it again, next to the lighter. and visualize it that way.

    yeah, nto the best pot, but sprinkle it with some dank buds and you've got you're hangds full.

  4. yeah it's like a quarter and almost an eigth, not bad. When i buy dubs i get abut 1/2 on the fat side and fat 30g o's i get for 50-70 fepending on quality.
  5. i wouldnt really call it an ounce if its 30 grams, i wouldnt even call it a fat ounce.. thats almost 1.5 oz

    damn youre lucky i want some weed, but i only got 3 bucks and i need gas money. im better off saving my money for 420 anyways
  6. an ounce on my scale is around 30 grams
  7. thats usually how much my Oz's weigh
  8. an oz is 28g, a sandwich bag weighs 1g, and when i say 30 that's subtracting 1 for the bag weight (tare)

    Well i toked up on half a j and i'm blazed hell yeah!!! I'm gonna have to go riding tonight and tear some shit up.

  9. looks good... wish i had some trees. i have to save all my money for my celebration of 420... that's not actually going to occur on 420. i'm considering celebrating a week after 420, so i'll have more money. my shopping list for the event is a bit pricey ;)
  10. looks like a decent gram to me!

    Weed is weed, I like to smoke it, no matter the quality : P
  11. Yeah, that looks like more like a gram, not a dime. Looks like fairly decent bud tho!
  12. Yeah that's a dime around here, not in weight, but price, $10. I lost my scale so i can't weigh it but it's enough to keep me stoned for about 2 weeks. A few times i have bought dubsacks ($20) and got over an oz of uncompressed danky ass buds, it's just the way it is here.

    An oz usually lasts me 4-6 weeks depending on how many people i smoke out during tha time.

  13. DAMN, where the hell do you live? That's real good prices...
  14. is it hard for you to "score dimes" or something?
    you seem pretty excited.
  15. thats a big dime because its not the best weed, so you get more... its kinda a ration type protoprtinal thig... i udnno i high it looks godo and worth 10: )

  16. Not really, but i just ran out and wasn't gonna be able to get an oz till the end of this week, snd yesterday a dime magically presented itself in the saem hour that i acquired the funds unexpectedly to allow me to buy a dime, so i'm just hella happy i didn't have to wait till the weekend when i work more and toke less, ya know? just happy i get good amounts of good weed for a good price, especailly when you think you're gonna be dry for a week,, haha
  17. where the hell do you live that that only cost you ten bucks, cause im gunna move there, lol
  18. my bad guys, when i posted my post i was thinking an OZ was 18 grams instead of 28 grams. stupid me -_-

  19. It's not that outlandish, he said that they're were seeds an stems in it.... regs are usually cheaper....

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