Life is Precious

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  1. I was just thinking (and yes I an very stoned) life is extremely precious and no matter your political, philosophical, or religious beleifs we all need to just love each other before anything else because every day we see stuff on the news "x amount of people died in tragic accident" and we get disconnected from what really happened, this person (everyone of them) will never see their loved ones again, watch tv again, etc so cherish every second you spend on this planet no matter what our porpoise is. :} just my 2 cents
  2. Go hug a tree.
  3. <3 you man I love everyone and if that's a bad thong then oh well
  4. there are no bad thongs.. unless its on a fat chick
  5. ^ Its cool, you cant really see it anyway
  6. that was cute bro
  7. Thing* sorry about that I'm on my iPod touch <3 onelove
  8. CHYEA,

    everyday we are fighting to stay alive, whether you know it or not. As you are living, you are dying at the same time.
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    Amen man I'm glad atleast one person understood this post :) basicly, don't become desencitized from death...

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