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    There are so many things to be thankful for in this life!
    Gratitude and contentment is the cure for depression.:hide: Many see life to be completely meaningless, and in a sense they are correct. We know and comprehend so little about our universe yet we act with such importance.
    We should instead be humbled by this and grateful for our existence, for the mere fact that we are here was outside your control. You are a cog in this universe somehow and someway, whether big or small, you play a part. You are integral.:wave: So we might as well make the best of the days and live being grateful for every step.

    Today is a beautiful day.:yay::yay:
    Food is on the table.:yummy:
    Roof over my head.
    Computer/phone to surf internet on.:gc_rocks:
    Job put money in the pocket.
    Water from a faucet.
    Herb to smoke :bongin:

    I find meaning in pursuing my passions and deepening my interpersonal relationships.

    We have not been forgotten, it still rains and the earth isn't burnt up. The kingdom of heaven is now, present. We bring the life and beauty into this world through love. Love is an action, a choice.
    It is sacrificing desires of self for others.

    Truly, we have first world problems. You could be starving in 100 degree weather with diseased water and an aids infested country.:bolt:

    What do you have to be grateful for?
    What brings you meaning?

    smile:D be content

  2. I try to be grateful for everything I have.. and when I feel like complaining about something I always remind myself that it could be worse. Life is all about how you look at it.
  3. The point of life is to live.

    The point of morality is to live together.
  4. Touche, Astro! Life...sweet subtleties...
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    Life is meaningless objectively, subjectively meaningful if you think it is, and also subjectively meaningless if you think it is. We are the subjective entities, and there is no such thing as meaning, only emotion and attachment to things. Humans have an experience just like animals, where we are always going about rituals and activities that when perceived from the viewpoint of another species must seem farfetched and almost alien. I mean if you ever watch the daily life of an ant for a few minutes, as it quickly scuffles across some pavement on the street, linking mouths with fellow ants and throwing up foods into their mouths if the other ants are hungry, heading down into a hole to dig some more dirt up and protect the queen, carrying huge leaves 10 times the size of their bodies with their mouths, that seems pretty freaking psychotic to a human. Who would throw up food just to feed a friend and carry a log in their mouth? And humans are the same; we do our own humany things and live our lives, thinking we must continue to live them and obsess over job, school, family etc., and that's cool, and we can do it for as long as we want. But technically speaking, life is not meaningful in general, because meaning is just a feeling created by emotions of subjective creatures. One person's meaning might contradict another person's, thereby leaving the question of life's meaning forever open and unanswerable.

    But basically yes things can be pretty freaking awesome, to us, when you think about, as you have, and hopefully we will all continue to. lol
  6. exactly my point! so why not look at it positively?!

    hmm that's pretty good, are you quoting someone?

    ahh the small things. the game changers that are easy to ignore.

    life truly a beautiful thing, when we don't take it for granted and get caught up in ourselves!

    let us burn and think about positive. :bongin::bongin:
  7. Good vibes all around :gc_rocks:

    Spread the love everywhere~ :yay:
  8. Life is what you make of it.

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