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Life is like a nice warm apple pie

Discussion in 'General' started by Pickle McSmurf, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Just waiting to get fucked
  2. ....err? Relevance?
  3. Did something bad happen to you recently to make you feel this way, maybe something you'd like to share? I myself ain't really a "fan" of anything sexual, call me crazy but I have no apple pie fetish.
  4. My friend if you can't discover the relevance of this message on your own, then I feel for you

    nah just playing I'm still fudged up from yesterday
  5. Do I like fucking apple pies? No. But we all gotta do our thing.
  6. Hahaha! Whatever you say man, you still drunk or chopped from last night?
  7. Little bit, nothing a nice warm apple pie can't fix tho
  8. So, why don't we go bake some apple pies!
  9. hell naw life is alot better than a f'ing pie
  10. yes but is it better than fucking said pie?
  11. McDonald's or homemade?
  12. Who brings apples to a party, I guarantee if it were a Apple Pie none of that would have happened!
  13. Homemade. I like McDonald's pies for a quick road session tho

    And I agree, who the fuck brings apples to a party. Were yall bobbing for those or some shit hahahahaha
  14. I thought you said you didn't like intercourse with apple pies, now I'm confused =/
  15. I like the convenience, I hate the act :(
  16. Ahhh I see, it brings opportunity. I myself enjoy convenience, always better to have something and not need it rather then need something and not have it. But, I don't think I could hold onto an apple pie for such a duration I'd probably eat it rather fast with a few buddies of mine. I admire your patience!
  17. I feel like a warm Apple pie...but don't fuck me, or ill give you the hiv.

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