life is great!

Discussion in 'General' started by naku06, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. im sitting here, with a cup of tea watching futurama, smoking a joint. life is wonderful! sorry had to post my happiness. really though, if only more people smoked, we would be more of a kind race. gc rocks.

    :smoking: -N-.

    edit: the song aqueous transmissions by incubus, so cool when high.
  2. i agree so much with you!!! ever since i beat my depression (chemical imbalance, what a bitch) my outlook on life has been so great!!! i just feel like everything is so wonderful, and i can look outside and see the beauty in everything. i'm sure weeds helped with that outlook too, but still. its just like i want to be able to love life, and i feel so bad for people who dont. i wish everyone coudl be happy all the time, cause i think thats the real purpous in life. just my opinion.

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