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Life Is Good!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Glimmer40, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. OK get this.......I go to meet this fella I met online (we agreed that he'd gimme some even if we didn't hit it off) & he's a cool mellow fellow & GIVES ME FREE SMOKE! I'm like!!!!! YEEHAW! He's got this huge doob & we're just chillin & tokin-it was trippy!! We didn't really "connect", he's TOO mellow for me, hee hee! I love those tall bad boys in leather or black levis! But it was an interesting experience. I've NEVER in my life done anything like this before but I figure hey, I'm adventurous & if you don't take risks you'll never know right? & who on earth thought I could get FREE smoke! & Yes, I'm careful! I've got a good intuition so I'm blessed!
    I had to come & share that story!
    There are cool people out there!
    PEACE :)
  2. And who was it that was posting last week that its really tough to meet guys who are middle aged and smoke. Where did you meet this guy at? Over the internet?
  3. Ha ha you are funny!!
    He was nice & all........but no "spark" really, but the smoke is nice! The mellow kind where you can function! I'm a very high functioning stoner!

  4. what about the air your currently breathing?

    an way to go with the free erb..... srry things didn't work uot for you though...

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