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  1. 2 weeks from now I will graduate high school and move forward (hopefully) with my life. My dilemma: I have no idea what I want to do.

    How can the American society...or global society...expect me to know what I want to do for the rest of my life, when my life has barely begun?

    It's either college, or the military. If I join the military, I can't smoke...which is a bummer. However, I think there comes a point in life when making something of yourself is more important than smokin bud, regardless of how much you enjoy it. (Shame our society bans us from doing both, due to illegality of marijuana..)

    Well Blades, how'd you go about starting your life? Any advice/criticism on my current situation?
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  2. Military

    GI Bill, long term benefits, personal benefits, experience...

    Also, makes your resume look good :cool:
  3. i went to college str8 from highschool. had the time of my life. but i got kicked out for weed-related allegations. bye bye financial aid, etc. fuck the government.

    do whatever your heart tells u man. i personally wouldnt join the military right now, cuz i feel like we are close to another world war or something. but my sister just got done wit basic training for the navy and shes doing well. college, u get to smoke hella herb and theirs SO many girls all in the same place. its awesome, especially to get a taste for alot of different things if u donno yet what u wish to make of ur life. you just need to get out the and taste the world a bit, be it colllege, or whatever
  4. if it's world war 3, the draft will be brought back in which case i'm fucked anyways as i am a fit 18 year old male. i'm really contemplating the military ...but smokin weed would have to stop... =[ which would be the hardest part because that's all i do at a party.
  5. haha youll have to smoke that spice bullshit. ew.
    handle it if thats what ur diggin. what branch?
  6. They now test for spice, so thats outta the question too. fuck lol...but i've been talking to a marine corp recruiter.
  7. So what if you quit smoking weed. Don't let that stop you from having the time of your life.
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    Yea, seriously.
  9. I think live a life in good way and let live other.....................
  10. don't join the'd be risking getting killed for nothing brah..politics..goddamn foreign relations these days..their priorities are fuckeddd tah hell..Libya..etc b.s.
  11. I recommend doing a university course in a subject/field your interested in, and this may be good and you will like it or it may be terrible but at least you tried, also this will give you lots of perspective on life and what you want to do with yourself, just have no regrets man
  12. Yes sir. I just recently enlisted in the Army OP. I leave in August and even though I haven't done anything yet, it's the best decision I've made with my life. The only thing is, I suggest waiting a couple years to mature before going into the military. I thought about doing it right after high school but decided to wait it out. I've wanted to do it since I was like 12 but I waited until I turned 21. I had some time to chill and smoke weed and have a couple different jobs but I realized I wasn't going anywhere and wanted to do something worthwhile. If you go military, you can still go to college (for free!) and get all kinds of training and skills that you probably would've never got.

    I'd say the Army is the best, they are the largest branch and they have the best opportunity for advancement but every branch is good in their own way. Take the time to research it completely before making this choice. It's a huge decision. Also, once you decide you're doing it, quitting smoking weed isn't hard at all and I realized I'm a much happier person without smoking. :D

    Good luck dude
  13. Go to college, then, if you still want to join the military, you can become an officer and not get bossed around (as much), and you'll have civilian opportunities as well.
  14. I recently got out of a military (marine) based prep school and there were no tests for spice. unless shit changed, but i highly doubt it. there's been a long time confusion within military ranks concerning the DIFFERENCE between salvia and spice. in my case, they thought they were the same thing, and they actually bought a whole bunch of salvia drug tests. we would all come back high as balls and they knew it, and they would say "TAKE THIS DT NOW!", we would all be like 'lol k' because we knew it wasn't a spice test, but a salvia test. you should have seen these old ass marine's faces turn red when it showed up negative and they couldn't do shit.

    good times
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    Just take life as it comes and enjoy it. I am one year out of highschool and tried planning my whole life and what schools and jobs I wanted and all it does is send you on a downward spiral in a lot of cases. If you want to go to school then do it. If you want to do something new do it. For dam sure don't let other people make decisions for you or a year from now you might end up even more confused with a lot less money.

    DON'T LET DRUGS YES INCLUDING MARIJUANA EFFECT THE DECISIONS YOU ARE MAKING FOR YOUR LIFE. Drugs will always be around and hey a year from now you might just get bored with smoking happens to people all the time. I see to many threads on here about people trying to plan your life around the consumtion of drugs what a fail.
  16. i was in the same boat as you op when i finished school then i realised fuck it, im 18 and my life has just begun, there is no way i can decide now what i want to do with the rest of my life. 1 year on and im working a part time job and jsut enjoying doing my own thing with no pressure on where im going in life. just relax have some fun and when you really know what you want to do do everything you can to make it happen.
  17. i stopped reading when i realized you're main issue with joining the military is the no smoking aspect.

    we need to make a new sub-forum for 18 year olds (im guilty as well, all love here) who realize holyshitomg i'm an 'adult' and real life sucks. that way no one will post things on these boards that will make them look silly (again,guilty.)
  18. I was in the same boat as you OP. I went to a 4 year college for a year, all it told me was that i dont want to do anything they teach there. Which was an epic waste of like 12 grand. But i really dont regret it because i met the girl i love there. Everyone from my highschool was pretty much expected to go to college so i just did. I know my parents expected me to, it wasnt "So you gona go to college?" It was "Where you gona go to college" where i was from. You really dont have to do much of anything after you graduate. You can find an apartment, maby sublease in a college town where theres tons of people stuck with their lease after they move home and get a job. Start looking into all your options think about it. Dont rush bro.
  19. You can't rush growth, but you have to take action OP. It sounds like you know what you have to do. Your heart/mind is telling you what to do and you're only objection is you can't smoke weed. A loser would keep smoking weed.

    You sound like a winner.
  20. College.

    It will broaden your mind, take subjects that interest you.

    I actually dropped out of college, realized thousands of dollars of debt and a degree that held no weight for me in my career field. But that didn't stop me from learning. I still read, watch documentaries, pursue goals that interest me and think about things objectively...

    I 100% support our troops, they deserve that.
    But I can't recommend to join the military, there's so much more out there -- yes, it can be a very rewarding experience... but I view it like this, "Why risk your life for nonsense?" - but that's a whole different argument and we're not here for that.

    Even with no degree, I still am finding success through hard work, a positive outlook and the realization that college does not making you any smarter (it helps nurture the discipline of working hard)... but college isn't the end all...

    My advice:
    Do what YOU want. But always think about what your actions will do for your life.
    And smile :)

    Good luck OP

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