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    what's the cost of living where you live in California? you don't have to get too specific if you don't want but how does it compare to what you make? 
    so one day I want to move to Cali. in a year and a half i will get a license in my field, and my salary will double from $10/hr. Just trying to do my research and talk to as many people as possible from there before I move eventually! 
    Edit: sorry i don't want to get too personal, i realize a lot of people don't like talking about that stuff for personal reasons. if you don't feel comfortable posting feel free to pm me

  2. U can swing it making twenty.

    rent is 650 for a room for my bro in sanfran tho

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  3. Depends on the area, in some areas you can get a small apartment for $400/month, sometimes excluding utilities. In others you can be upwards of $1500. But everything's cheaper if you find a roommate to split the rent.
    If you want to be close to a fun area but don't mind living in a slightly dumpy place, there are a lot of shack-like apartments near/in Santa Barbara for really cheap that are often used by college students. There's areas like that near every major city, though. 
  4. Over in Glendale my apartments 800$ excluding utilities, which i don't have many. Got a pool, and a parking lot so it ain't bad. Work wise only 9$ hit, plus side jobs are plentiful and quick.

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  5. It all depends where you go. I have friends that go to sf state that pay 1k for a1bd room in the city. I went to Chico state and rented a 3bd house on some land. It's all location location location. Stay away from the south.
  6. why stay away from the south? more expensive or something?
  7. I used to live in Santa Ana and it was damn expensive compared to where i live now. i shared a two bedroom townhouse with two bed and two bath and spent 2,500 on it a month. Traffic there SUCKS. If you work at 8am, be prepared to leave at 7am so you can drive 5 miles to work. Dont get me wrong, california is beautiful, buts its so overrated, and i promise you could find a much cooler state to live, with less people, for less money. 1,500 a month where i live (Omaha) would get me a decent 3-4 bedroom home with 2-3 bathrooms and  a double car garage, but in cali i could only get like a one bed apt or somewhere in the ghetto.
  8. basically i want a small-ish place, 1 bedroom apartment that i can afford by myself on a 45k /yr salary...i am okay with taking public transportation, i have a car but from since i understand traffic is pretty bad i'd almost prefer that. i am more of an introvert so being in a place that is a lot of "fun" isn't a high priority to me lol :) though it is nice to get out and do things too.
  9. Cali is the size of the east coast, varies greatly depending on where. Its a nice place, but just like anywhere else it has its problems. 
  10. Where in cali would you want to live? South or North? A big city, or a decent sized town?
  11. Location location location.
    Price of living will be lower in some areas then say San Fransisco.
    I myself like the IE.
  12. It's insanely high. If you get a house or an apartment with any kind of a view, you will pay double for what you would normally pay for back east. State tax is almost 10%.

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