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  1. im not sure if this has been posted or not but, i am a firm believer that there is life out there somewhere. i doubt we will ever find out for sure but i have a feeling that there is life out there, does any agree with me?
  2. i think its stupid to not believe theres life somewhere else. but the quesion is... is that life dinosaurs or is it some inteligent life 10 million years more advanced than our own civilization? we have been around for 20000 years. but in only the last 100 have we came up with industry and technology. so imagine how far we would be in 9 million and some odd years. this brings up even more questions, but yes theres life elsewhere.
  3. To be honest I believe in the near future, something concerning this will be revealed to us. I believe the government is holding stuff like this from us, whether be more intelligent life, or less. We will see something soon.

    I believe this because it's our only way into evolution. If you are interested you should Dr. Timothy Leary's theories on evolution and psychedelics.
  4. which readings are you talking about dankspank? ive read a bunch of leary recently, my avatar is a sheet with leary art and my sig has a link to a writing of his. he definatley influenced my beliefs.

    ive read about conscious expansion and evolution of the conscince. but that is more spiritual stuff than inteligent life from another planet.

    maybe you are talking about the evolution of humans? i dont know :confused: ... lets see a phatty reply so im not so confused. thanks.

    peace n' love
  5. I read a while back something he wrote about eightfold path of concsiousness (an expansion on the buddhists principles) and how when triggered certain parts of the brain can create a "desire for the cosmos" and in the specific essay which I can't seem to find online at the moment, leary speaks of how it is the key to the next step for evolution, and he speculated that intelligent species before us might've had contact with humans in the past. I can't seem to find a link to it but the website I read it was a Leary shrine with a bunch of his essays.
  6. ive also read leary's essays and articles, but you have to keep in mind....he loved the cids. they just miiiight have influenced his teaching a tad bit, so i dont know how much faith put into them.
  7. Im a firm believer that there is life else where. And i have proof. haha. yes proof.

    Those are galaxys.

    This is our galaxy. If you look at the bottom of the second picture, theres about an inch given and it says so many thousand lightyears. we have yet to travel farther than our own moon...

    there are 3 trillion stars that work the same way as our sun. atronomers find planets on a daily basis, like, 50 a day or more. And its become really really easy to find planets. You watch the light from a star ( like our sun ) and look for wobbling. if it wobbles, its being pulled by gravity...then they focus around the sun..and they find planets. We cant look that far out though. How much time before we are able to find a planet thats around a sun that has water?? i mean shit, even one of jupiters moons is all water. The whole outside of it is ice, scientists say 150 feet of solid ice, but then underneath it, its all water...if if there is water...then beneath it, towards the core..there might be heat..and if there is heat..there might be life. even plant life...if there were plants under the water on jupiters moon, it would open up a whole new meaning to outerspace. its to vast, just like osmeone else said, for us to be alone. the fact that we cant fathom leaving our galaxy is one thing...its another thing to know that there are probably 125 billion galaxies out in the universe, some people even say up to 500 billion. And the black matter between our galaxies is can tell by the light and the way it bends when you look at stars. the black matter between galaxies is either moving, or our stars and galaxies are moving while this black matter stays still. And if thats the case, then our universe could be a fucking spec of dirt in a large body of water or something. And think about this, what if...WHAT IF....(and im asking this because scientists believe they know what the universe look slike, and they think they know what all the clouds of galaxies look like, when looking at our universe from a distance...but what if this black matter feeds the universe and gives it more and more life. because they say our universe is getting bigger and bigger..... or what if our universe was drifting in space..and then ran into another universe?? like, a galaxy is a bundle of stars and planets and gasses and such, and galaxies are seperated with nothing between them except black matter...what if universes worked the same way as galaxies? what if our universe is drifting through space, and we keep pulling more and more galxies into ours. these are all possibilites that us in our lifetime probably wont know. BUT, what if we just got unlucky and landed up on this planet when we were born. People talk about the guff, and how peopel wait in the guff until it is their time to be born. well...what if there are 100,000 planets in our universe that have intelligent life on them ( an i happen to be one cat who things human beings are on every planet...i think human beings are the universal intelligent life...and other planets are just more and more advanced then us...and different circumstanses on their planet lead to different physical features and what not..but i think everyone is human.) anywho...what if there are 100,000 planets with life on them, and you coulda ended up on anyone of them but you ended up here. you coulda ended up on a planet that is 100 years more advanced then us, maybe 1000 years more advanced.....maybe 2000 years less advanced....thats the way i look at life. :) anybody else?

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