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life changing at 2:30

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nucan, Nov 21, 2002.

  1. because i smoke pot, my parents sent me to a boarding school called Darlington in rome, georgia. its a pretty damn nice school and everything but they have the fucked up ability to do drug tests to anyone based on "suspicion". and might i add that they do hair tests...well, to get in to the school u have to take just a piss test. naturally, no way in hell id pass so i bought some shit from GNC that u take an hour before and ur clean for 3 hours..worked good. so i got in and everytihng but everyone here just gossips all damn day so they made up some fucked up storeis for me comin here for drugs (which ironically is true) and that im still doin shit here. so the rumors get around to adminitstation and i have to meet with these people called the SST (student support team) at 2:30 today. waht they do is basiclaly give students who fucked up a second chance. u sign a "no-use contract" which says that they can randomly drug test u whenever they want (hair test) and if u fail u get kicked out. also, there is another group called the DC (disciplanary commitee) and if they hear about u doing drugs, they test (hair) u..if u fail ur out, no questions asked. if u pass.. ur good. but id fail miserably if i did. i smoked some good shit from alanta last weekend so i relaly cant offer up a test anymore and i smoked a month ago before i came fucked no matter what. so anyways, i have to meet with the head of the SST and the head of my house that i live in. my head of house knows i got sent here for drugs and "wants me to stay" so she referred me to the SST and wants me to sign this shit to insure that i dont get in trouble when i go back home for holidays or whenever. but im thinking fuck all of this and im just gonna tell them exactly what i think. that i think pot is not bad at all, i respect their beilefs that it is evil and that i wont smoke at school. that way i dont affect anyone at school in a negative way at all, and i wont even talk about it here ever again. waht i do at home is my own buisness and in no way does it interfere with their little darlington world. after i say all of that they will prolly say some shit about how if the DC finds out at all im dead. ill tell them that they are the only people that know i smoke at home and if they really want me to stay then they will just go with the flow. or they can get me kicked out and accomplish nothing.....i hope to god this shit works. if u read this far into it, thx. plz tell me whta yall think. if i get sent parents will prolly try to send me to military school or somethin and ill just refuse. or threaten suicide if they try, aint no way im goin to fucking miltairy school. i make good grades, im nice to everyone, and i do what im fucking told. why the hell do they still prosecute me for smoething so harmless. it pisses me of so fucking bad.
  2. so what the fuck should i do?
    should i give in to the fucked up ways of the world. quit smoking for the rest of the year and become an alcoholic? because if im not somking. ill be drinking...and ive arleady got alcoholism in my blood like hell. and its ez as hell to get caught drinking
    or should i go balls to the wall and stand strong in the name of ganja. and keep on tokin...

    im nervous as hell and i only got an hour and a half till i go.. damnit i need a couple bowls. lol

  3. I hear ya man. This is exactly what I hate to hear about. Peaceful law abiding pot smokers that get shit just because someone (the government comes to mind) thinks that pot is a terrible thing. I wish everyone would open their damn eyes. But good luck later today bro, let us know how it goes. Just remember that you've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything.
  4. Fuck it man. What do you have to lose? Think about it. If you agree and get a hair test, you're fucked. If you stand up for what you believe in, at least you'll still have your dignity.
  5. hell yea man, thast what i figure. im fucked no matter what, might as well try it. i might even get my point across to these thick headed morons. lol, i even got this huge ass packet of articles and medical results about pot. im thinkin im gonna show it to my head of house to show her what it relaly does to u, not what the government says it does. hahah, i cant wiat to see these people's faces when i say this shit to them. ya, ill come staright up here to post what happend. just check back here like in 2 hours, maybe 3.
  6. Good luck bro!! Sending good karma your way. I think you're doing the right thing. I jusst wish more people whould stand up to the system. Things will never be changed if they don't. I'll be thinking of ya bud!

  7. I gave in to the world. apparently. and became an alcoholic. its not nice. Im at the point now trying to get out of this slump. I cant smoke either and pretty much rely on alcohol, not for the getting fucked up factor, but smoking was a part of my lifestyle. I feel for you. and I do as well have alcoholism in both sides of my family. anyone can say this to you and it might mean nothing, but for if for something, becareful. good luck and keep in touch with your fam here!
  8. Maybe do both, go balls to the wall, and shave your head (or body to cover ALL bases). anyway. good luck and best wishes.
  9. don't they have shampoo's that clean out your hair? i saw a kit at GNC with pills and a thing of shampoo that cleans you out in a week (hair and all). if you only smoke at home and don't talk about it in school - you can get away with using it. as for this time tell them you smoked a while ago (hair tests can trace THC in you for something like 6 months). so say it was before you went to the school??? i dunno. it might work. if you do do it that way make sure it was long enough ago that it wouldn't have shown up in your urin ('cause that came back clean to get into the school). anywayz, good luck man.
  10. your parents already know that you smoked, hit them with the facts, try to turn them from the dark side, if you can pull it off, your problems are solved, then it doesn't even matter if you get kicked out of that oppressive school. but if they are closed minded automatons then it might be a little tricky and dangerous. good luck though, i hope everything works out alright.
  11. Wow, that sucks man. No offense but your parents sound like dicks, sending you to a place where they don't allow you to live the way you want to. High school is a joke anyway, I wouldn't worry about being kicked out unless you are on some type of scholarship track or an athlete trying to get to college on scholarship. When I started smoking weed professionally, I made it clear to everyone I know and my family that smoking is something I enjoy doing, and will continue to do whether they approve or not. Neither of my parents smoke or toke. But I smoke in both of their houses right in front of them. They used to get mad about me smoking but I have so much info to spit back they always end up on my side at the end of the conversation. Truth is, pot is not bad. It is fantastic! Sorry had to throw that in there. But all in all, if people aren't going to respect you for who you are and instead want to judge you by what you do, you are better off not associating with them. I am open-minded. I will listen to someone's logic for why it is bad and I will accept certain things and challenge other things with my own info. But when that same person will not listen to my side of the story and will not listen to any other viewpoint but their own no matter what and disregard anything you say about it, this person is unreasonable and selfish. This is bad, because since we are reasonable, we end up adhering somewhat to their rules. George Bernhard Shaw said it best when he said this.

    "Reasonable adapt themselves to the world, unreasonable people try to adapt the world to themselves. Therefore, all progress is made by unreasonable people."

    That is very selfish and does not do humans any good as a whole. I would escape from that prison if I were you, tell them to fuck off with their de-evolving christian utopia. (No offense to any bible toters). But this place sounds like one of those places bent on old beliefs. By their logic, slavery would still be legal. Things are different today than they were yesterday, let alone 2,000 years ago. Let's make a world that people can live in today. Sorry for venting or offending anyone with the christian remark, but I am against any type of religion that excludes people for making choices which do not affect anyone but themselves. Only you know what's best for you. If you think becoming one of them is where you want to go in life, then shape up and get with their program. If not, do what you think is right and when they come to shoot you down for it, deny everything! "Pot? no way! How dare you insult me like that!" (When trying to get out of trouble, denying the fact that it ever happened when all they have is a piece of paper that claims you did it is probably the best tactic since we've already estblished that these people cannot be reasoned with.) Thanks, I hope things go well for you and you continue to do what you think is right and in the end may it prove all those assholes that said otherwise wrong. Much toke love! Peace!

  12. Don't leave us hanging bro! Let us know how it went.
  13. yeah dude, that sucks, but i dunno, maybe shave your head or something. I dunno... say its a fashion statement. I dunno if you want to get kicked out of school or not. Its up too you
  14. "Reasonable adapt themselves to the world, unreasonable people try to adapt the world to themselves. Therefore, all progress is made by unreasonable people."

    nice quote, i have been saying that for years, though not summed up so nicely. an over all good post viperware, i agree totally with the whole thing.
  15. go- smoke - get kicked out

    they won't send u there anymore

    problem solved

    or give up until you leave and then start again- nothing more you can do
  16. ya, the fucking meeting went for an hour and a half..til 4.. and i got wreslting at 4 so i had to go staright there. i just got back from it, havnet even takin a shower, grasscity over hygiene..ok back to what the fuck happend.
    i went in there and of course they had already been sittin there talkin about me for who the fuck knows how long. they wanted to hair test me but i said no and that i would fail becuase i smoked before i came to school, whcih is less than 90 days (how long hair tests can detect THC for). and eventually i convinced them to let them piss test me when i get back from thanksgiving break..whichi is all next prove that im clean. which im not. and then after 90 days of me being at school there i have to take a hair test. and hair tests can deteremine when u smoked in 30 day incriments. so that sucks too. so, if i fail any of the tests, i have to sign the no use form and get randomly drug tested the rest of the year. which is complete bull shit. so, my options are...clean my system out all next week...and be clean for piss test and not get to somke with my best freind at home for another year..hes goin to rehab...smoke my ass off all next week and fail it and get put on the SST. or fail it, fail again..get kicked out. however, i have no idea what my parents are gonna do to me if i get kicked out, ill find out next week when i talk to them. ill try to post it here as soon as i can. well guys, if i can figure out how to clean my system out in 1 day..cuz i have no idea when the piss test will be..and i can get enuf of that shampoo to keep my head clean for a week...ill be set, but if i cant..well shit. i think im jsut gonna smoke my ass off..try to clean out my system, and if i do, FUCK YA. but if not..oh fucking well.
  17. well, i didnt give in to any drug test or sign any agreement. but i did agree to get one if i failed my test next i did ok. i think that once i talk to my parents about what happens to me once i get kicked outghat here, ill be more definite about what to do. my parents ARE real bitches and i swear if any of u met them, ud wanna kill them after 5 minutes. my dad went to harvard and married his divorce court attorney.. my mom didnt go to college at all and married one of my dad's old partners in construction. its a fucked up world. im pretty sure id either go to rehab or to miltiary school. rehab would be cool if i could go with my freind but id never fucking go to military school. and running away isnt an option..tried that like 6 weeks ago and didnt work out too well..police were monitoring me and my freinds they knew what was happening a whole week in advance..thats a long ass story ill post up later. peace
  18. Damn the man nucan!!! Congrads though, it could have been worse bro. Glad to hear things turned out ok for ya. I'm smoking a fatty now with your name on it bud!! Have no fear, you can smoke and figure out a way to cheat the tests!
  19. ....i still think it would be cool if you still shave your head....
  20. Now that's a great idea!!

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