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  1. Does anyone else ever feel like all this, everything we think is 'normal', is completely wrong? That somehow, we lost something as a people and there's no going back?

    I dunno, I'm pretty baked, but when I think about our economy, our government, and how the whole system is working, I just think it's wrong. We elect a person, who is backed by people with deep pockets and their own agendas, to run our country, then half of a the country vilifies him while the other half makes him a saint. Then, when our attention is elsewhere, the people who backed him get away with everything under the sun. We get taxed to help keep this system going, and are told that things are getting better. But let's think about this for a second. Are they really?
  2. I gave up giving a shit along time ago.
    In the end, we all die.

  3. This.:smoke:

  4. Shows how much you know.
  5. [quote name='"Creepy Stalker"']

    Shows how much you know.[/quote]

    We don't all die in the end? Where do I sign up for immortality?!

  6. With the church duh
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    You mean this?

    [ame=]True News 5: The Truth About Voting - YouTube[/ame]

    At least I hope thats the right video of his Im thinking of...

    Hmmm its actually not, but still worth watching

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