Life and Death, the supposed "unknowable"

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    I know many of you will shit a brick with speculation that these things cannot be known, but they are indeed very knowable once the Spiritual Sight is developed to where you can witness these things for yourself. I know plenty of you deny the existence of clairvoyance and clairaudience, and deny anything truly Spiritual, and some of your ideas of Spiritual are only the higher physical/mental things such as emotion and conscience.

    But for those of you who are a bit further down the true Path, I would like to elaborate for you the Mystery of Life and Death, why it is that some children die at birth or soon after if our purpose is to evolve, heaven, hell, purgatory, and the various other aspects of the between-life, as there is no "after-life" considering the after-life is the pre-life as well.

    And so we begin.

    I suppose we'll start with a bit of an explanation of why young children are all clairvoyant. When you are in a dark room that is very dimly lit, and you walk out into the bright sun, it is blinding until your eyes adjust to it, and if you turn back immediately after walking out into the blinding light, you will be able to look more easily into the dark room than you can look out into the bright light. It is the same way for both death and birth. When a baby is born, it is much more accustomed to it's spiritual sight than it is the physical sight, so for that reason it can much more easily perceive the spirit realm from which it has just came. The same goes for death, where the spirit is still more accustomed to the physical world than it is to the spirit world, so for a time the Spirit remains in the sphere bordering the physical world. Some children lose their clairvoyance rather quickly, others carry it into mid-childhood and even fewer keep their spiritual sight all their lives.

    Often times a dieing person will speak of seeing loved ones who have passed on, and we mistakenly believe that this is a product of delerium. However, it is the result of the weakening of the silver cord that attaches the spirit/soul to the body, and when you die there will be spirits, usually dead loved ones but also higher spirit "helpers" so to speak, who will come to greet you and help you adjust to the new astral life. The feeling of death at first is a sense of relief, since the gross material body is no longer attached to the spirit. It is the same way that if you were loaded with weights and constricting clothing, the feeling of relief that a burden has been lifted off you when the weights/clothing are taken off and you can move about much more freely.

    Karma is very real, it is the law of cause and effect, and though there is no Hell, there is purgatory, which is about as close to hell as you can come. The purpose of purgatory is just a result of the law of cause and effect, every action has an equal/opposite reaction. It is the law that all of the hurt you have inflicted on people throughout your life must be "atoned for" in purgatory before you can move on into your proper plane in the astral, where there is much to be learned the same way there are things that can only be learned in the physical existence. The way purgatory is is that you will feel the equal force of all the physical/emotional hurt you have caused others in your life, what you have caused will come back to you with equal force. This is not punishment, it is just cause and effect. If you touch a hot stove and it burns you it is not the stove punishing you, it is just the effect of touching the cause that is the stove. Also there is what is known as the first heaven that comes after purgatory where you reap the benefits of the positive things you have sown.

    The period spent in the astral before reincarnation can last a few hundred years to around a thousand years, and you always choose when it is you want to reincarnate, after you have completed your lessons in the astral.

    The same happens in life, there is no such thing as an "untimely death". If someone dies in an accident, it is for a good reason. The reason for untimely death is usually that the the way the spirit is behaving in the conditions it has incarnated into are doing more harm than good for the progression of the soul, so the higher spirits that control these things cause the death to occur. Death at the hands of a murderer is another thing in that it is the result of free will.

    If one has lead a very vile life, it is likely that all of the Karma will not be balanced out in purgatory, and the spirit will incarnate still baring that karma. This usually results in the person doing the same terrible things or being compelled to do them because he has not felt the pain he had inflicted on others himself, but due to "atoning" for his other wrongs, he feels a tremendous sense of guilt for his bad behavior against his fellow man, and his unbalanced karma haunts him like a demon. The purpose of equalizing karma or "atoning for your sins" is to develop the conscience. You can see this as history has progressed in our treatment of our fellow man. At one time slavery was thought to be right, as was killing the people who were not a part of your group/race/religion. As time marches on and people go through the life/death cycle more and more times, the conscience of the race as a whole has developed to where we no longer see racism/slavery/murder of outsiders as acceptable.

    There is a way to balance your karma while alive, so that the stay in purgatory can be greatly shortened if not altogether eliminated so you can learn all you can in the astral plane your at (there are 7 planes, and 7 subplanes to each, this is where the term "7th heaven" comes from), and this is what Christians refer to as repenting. At the end of each day, you go backwards through your day, recalling each event where you were out of line in unjustly talking harshly to someone or doing wrong, and with an honest sense of remorse, you do your best to intensely feel exactly how that person you harmed would have felt. Also, as you play the tape backwards from night to morning, look at the good things you did and be glad about them. This is one reason the imagination is so important, developing the imagination to be able to feel any emotion on cue very intensely is one of the practices in the first initiation into the path to Godhood.

    What H.P. Maxine describes as hell (spiritual satanists believe Hell is actually Heaven, I was once a theistic satanist in my earlier years before my maturation into manhood), where she saw people smoking cigarettes (because it wouldnt damage their lungs) and playing cards. This is actually the lowest plane of the astral, the sphere bordering the Earth. With the clairvoyant vision, you can see all of the undeveloped souls inhabiting bars and gambling dens and places of that nature, and the vibe given off would deter you from ever wanting to go to these places again. These souls are the materialists, and part of their stay in purgatory involves longing for the material things they enjoyed. Often times these souls will inhabit the bodies of drunken men, making them drink more and more in an attempt to attain the drunken feeling they loved so much on earth but only being able to get a slight tease. They go through this suffering until they realize they cannot experience the materialistic passions they once loved, see them as being unimportant and learn their lesson. The higher planes of the astral are much more "heavenly" in the vibration of happiness and peace that is felt there. When in the astral, you will feel a longing for achieving the higher planes and a physical existence is where the most development can be achieved, and it is why we eventually choose to reincarnate, due to the longing for higher things. Many think that they would never want to come back to this suffering we call existence, but the longing for something even better is what compels us to wish to experience again. Eventually one reaches a level where they may choose to dissolve their individuality back into The All, but that is for another time.

    You will never be able to go into the higher planes of the astral because you will not be able to adjust your vibrations to that plane, but you can go down from the higher planes into the lower planes, and higher spirits often do to help the lower souls learn their lessons so they can develop faster. Its rather funny because a few years back a priest I was in jail with described this to me, it turns out he wasn't as whacky as I thought now that I am aware of these things, he didn't have the typical ignorance of most Christians.

    Upon the physical death, there is a period of 3.5 days where you are still somewhat connected to the body. When relatives wail hysterically over the death of a loved one in the death chamber, or one dies in battle with the immense noise disturbances, or the body is subject to autopsy or embalming in this 3.5 day period, it will cause the departed soul much grief and a level of pain in the case of embalming/autopsy. So many people, despite claiming to believe in a heaven, are to selfish to let their loved one move onto the next stage and cry out with wishes of the loved one to return, and this torments the soul as it would like to comply with the wish of the loved one and it slows the process of "letting go" so that the departed soul can move onto the next stage of life in the astral. It is a wise idea to put in your last will and testament that you wish not to be examined or cremated/embalmed until this 3 and a half day period has passed, as well as discussing with your loved ones that you do not want them crying hysterically around your dead body, or dwelling on their desire to have you back during this period.

    When a husband and wife die, unless they are at the exact same level of development, they will not know each other in the astral, and the love will no longer exist. This is why the bible states that in heaven there are no husbands and wives. If however the souls ARE at the same level of development, they will continue to have an affection for each other, but it will not be the same kind of affection we know as love, as our physical passionate love is a result of various chemicals being released in the brain.

    Also worth mentioning, is that the akasic memory is played back in reverse order upon the death, this is "life flashing before your eyes". What we take into memory with our senses is not all of what our memory is. Our true memory records EVERYTHING. If you have a memory of talking to someone, you can relive it and see behind them, indeed seeing everything around the area. This happens because with the air we breathe, we also breathe in the ether/akasa, which records everything that happens in it. There is an easy method for experiencing past life (the current life) memories in EXACT detail, being able to notice the most insignificant things you did not take in consciously, but I will not go into the practice of this.

    One more thing that should be mentioned about dieing in negative circumstances such as battle or the lamentations of people in the death chamber. As I said upon death the life is played back. If we are interrupted by noise or autopsy, the view of this life projection is very vague, and therefor the purgatory isn't as strict as it needs to be to develop the conscience, and the astral heaven does not provide the full amount of joy and learning. There are however spirits who help to fix this and how it is done is like this. Upon reincarnation, the child will die at birth or soon after, so that it re-enters the Desire world and has the full experience of purgatory and astral heaven so that it can develop completely as it was meant to. This is the cause of miscarriage and also early childhood death.

    This answers the question of many people wondering why children die if we incarnate strictly to develop the soul, because it doesnt make sense that a child who has had no chance to develop would die at birth or shortly after.

    For a child who dies in an "untimely accident" the astral heaven of a dead child is one of the most joyous heavens there is. They are given toys that are inconceivable of being made here, and the level of pleasure and fun they should have had is given to them. If people knew the wonderful place deceased children go to it would help their wounds heal much sooner, because they truly are in a better place, living a perfect astral childhood. The lessons they would learn in the normal "adult" astral heaven are taught to them in the form of games and such, it is truly a wonderful place. This is on account of the loud mourning of the death of the child, to give the child it's rightful experience that has been interrupted by the ignorance of loved ones.

    Also for one who commits suicide, the little "seedatom" in the heart that records your entire life experience goes unfulfilled, and the person will experience suffering for the period of years he was meant to live, a sort of terrible hunger for the seedatom to be filled the way it should be. Then after this period is over, the person enters the purgatory to atone for his wrongs, and then the astral heaven to experience the rewards of the positive things he has done during his incarnation.

    Also after the purgatory and first heaven are experienced, the Desire body is cast off. This desire body is the astral shell clairvoyants can see laying around graveyards disintegrating. It is also what most people "evoke" when they try to speak to loved ones who have passed on. The desire body holds many of the memories of the life, but as it has not moved on with the Spirit it can offer no comforting words of what its new existence is like, it does not possess intelligence, only memory of the desire body. We move through the 3 "heavens" before we reincarnate, but the 2nd and 3rd heavens correspond with what plane of the astral we are developed enough to be on. There are many many sub-planes of these 2 heavens we progress through, the planes we long to go higher into. You can almost look at going through the courses of the heavens as the stages of a physical life, and the "death" of the astral is the reincarnation into a new physical life.

    The 2nd Heaven is made up of the Thought substance. This is where we develop in the astral, and it is the "personal heaven" where scholars can study, musicians can further their music, artists can do their art, etc. This is also where the higher spirits come down to help us in our astral development to prepare us for the next incarnation.

    The 3rd Heaven is made up of the Abstract Thought substance. This is where the Spirit has a period of rest, and also the last Heaven before we reincarnate. For an undeveloped Spirit, the Spirits who rule this plane give the spirit various options of which life/family he would like to incarnate into, each life being suited perfectly to what is needed to further develop. All of the bullshit in your life? You chose it for a reason that you have since forgotten, as knowing the reasons would hinder your free will. A more developed spirit, known as an Adept, is more freely able to choose any incarnation he sees fit, having the higher wisdom of what is best suited for his development or tasks, and being more highly evolved, retaining the knowledge of his choice will not hinder his free will.

    And that is all I have for you guys, I hope you have enjoyed. To those who doubt, I cannot explain something you are not unfolded enough to grasp, but hopefully it is at least a push in the right direction. We've all gone through these stages of life countless times, and eventually you will no longer become caught up in the physical world/desire body and be able to see these occurrences with the spiritual sight and also eventually even further down the line have a memory of these stages as well as the past incarnations.
  2. I read every drop.

    It was incredible. Words can not explain. I don't know where it came from, but it explained everything.

    So, committing suicide is like defaulting? None of that life counts?

    Also, will you write more eventually?
  3. Yes, suicide is sort of like hitting the eject button, but you will still have to live through the terrible hunger of the experience you lost. If you commit suicide at 20, and you were meant to live until 80, there will be a 60 year period where the Spirit suffers due to it's "hunger" for the experience it ejected out of.

    I write whenever I feel there is a subject that needs clarification on the boards, and as of late there has been a few threads about the after-life so I felt it necessary to enlighten those who are uncertain of death.

    Knowing what is to come is reason to no longer fear death, and also reason to live the best life that you can. The knowledge of how to properly repent is also extremely useful as it will speed up the spiritual development.
  4. So what is "god", in your opinion?
  5. Great stuff, man. Most enjoyable. :)

    Just go to the center, forget the wheel, and love life... right now.

    "I've lived, I've died
    I've seen it all a thousand times"
  6. God is the Infinite Eternal Being that everything exists within. This is how God is omnipotent, in that it contains within it all force/power, Omniscient in that all knowledge that can be known is within it, omnipresent in that it is everywhere, being that everything is inside of it.

    The Holy Ghost as the bible calls Him is God in true form, the universe is an emanation of God. Much like the light on earth is of the Sun, it is not the Sun itself.

    Its a very complex subject, and we can not fully comprehend God, though we can comprehend the Laws of God, such as physics for the material world, but we cannot fully comprehend God, as you need to be outside of something to observe it to truly understand it, and nothing can be outside of the All aka God.
  7. What are your criteria for considering somebody as being the same person from one point in time to another?
  8. Such a cool post man.

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    This sounds like a desirable reality, but I cannot see how anybody could truly make any sense of all this. We ought to limit our language to our experiences so we can speak meaningfully about reality and our existence therein. This loose usage of language is ambiguous and totally incapable of explaining whatever the OP is trying to claim.

    this may be a futile effort on my part, but I want everybody to be more careful with the english language and to strictly use nouns ostensively.

    It isn't that most people are not smart enough to truly understand what trismegistus is saying, its that his language is nonsensical. literally.

    Additionally, there is no cosmological or theological law that objectively deems acts as being "good" and "bad". Good and bad are in relation to who is being benefited and who is not.

    Karma is some serious bullshiz too. According to the teachings, supposedly we have lived past lives and our karma will follow us into even this life from our past lives. If you have done seomthing "bad" in a previous life that you cannot remember, you will be punished in this life for it. That is the way to justify bad things happening to "good" people. total bs

  10. I wouldn't exactly call it MY criteria. The simple truth is that reincarnation is quite real. Although depending upon the time of your birth, your personality will change somewhat, the true being, the "I" is what remains the same, also there is a certain base essence we all possess that differs from person to person, but there is no "criteria" for this. Desires and some aspects of personality change as we go through cycles, but you wouldn't be able to identify someone as "Bob from my last incarnation" based on the way they act, you could only do this with the Spiritual Vision. It's not like "oh Bob loved to do this and that in his past life, so this man who loves this and that must be Bob, he kinda even acts like Bob"

    I'm not really sure how I can elaborate any kind of "criteria" for you. I'm not even sure what kind of criteria your looking for.

    Many people claim reincarnation can't be possible due to population rise. Every Spirit that exists has existed eternally, just because a Spirit isn't incarnate doesn't mean that it does not exist. Spirits are not born nor do they die.

    Often times you will meet a person that you automatically click with and are best friends almost immediately. These cases are a result of past life friendship, and there is no need to "test" the friend to see how good of a friend he would be, the Spirit already knows he is a loyal friend.

  11. So when I die, my soul could travel into the body of a baby girl??

    How far do you go with this??

    Could my soul become the soul of a lion???

    who am I??
  12. Excellent write to be honest, it has had me glued to my laptop for quite sometime now ha.

    "There is an easy method for experiencing past life (the current life) memories in EXACT detail, being able to notice the most insignificant things you did not take in consciously, but I will not go into the practice of this."
    Just wondering if i could get a PM or something on this?

  13. ^^^ i was so into this thread until this

    yes, it is real, but to say the spirit always exist is very skeptical. Are you implying that my karma is just floating around waiting for the "I" to be born? :laughing: Atoms are subject to reincarnation, not "I"

    Maybe this is where you mean i do not understand. Are you saying our spirit is special to only us or is it the experiences left behind when we die? Or what?

    Or it could be the result of growing up in similar situations, hence thinking alive?
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    The spirit has no gender, and it is actually typical the the body interchanges on each incarnation yes.

    No, you would not become a lion, your Spirit has evolved to far to go into a lower life form. The spirit has evolved to the self consciousness. There is only one person in the world who can exclaim "I" with meaning, and it is the person saying it. You cannot call anyone else "I", it is your specific being. It is the claiming knowledge of the self.

    The subject of I is rather difficult for me to explain clearly enough for most so I'll refer you to the first section of this book for a more clear illustration of what "I" is.

    bluntsyo I will respond to your questions in just a moment, I am going to eat first.

    Actualy fatbluntsyo, I would advise you read the first chapter of that book as well. The Spirit is the "I" part of us. I will still elaborate a bit further in a moment
  15. how can you say that one life is more valuable than another? There is no intrinsic value of things, only the value we place upon it. I disagree that we (humans) live some greater existence than any other living thing on earth, the only thing special about us is that we can reason.
  16. But this being isn't a judging and jealous being like Yahweh in the bible, is it? Yahweh isn't the creator of the universe, is it? Please say it ain't so. :)

    The way I assume it is, "God" is just a force.

  17. Would you like to point out where I said that one life is more valuable than another? All I stated is that we are more highly evolved than the other animals. The animals will in time come to higher states as well. Quite honestly, extra terrestrial life that is so far advanced above us that we could see tham as godlike likely have "animals" on their planet that are about the same intelligence as we are.

  18. Your karma is an aspect of the Desire Body, not the Spirit. The "I" is already within you.

    Atoms do not reincarnate, as atoms typically remain in their state of matter. The spirit is not made up of matter, however the mental and physical bodies are. The desire body would be the mental part of your being.

    The Spirit is not special to us, however on our planet we have the most developed Spirit. The experiences that we balance out are in the desire body, but as the Spirit is made up of Akasa, it holds all memory as well.
  19. Looks like an interesting read. ;)

    I'll have to give it a read when I have some more free time.

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    Yahweh is a very mistaken term. The tetragrammaton, YHVH refers to the physical manifestation of the universe, the Father, the 4 elements, and also the constitution of man.

    God does not punish or judge, as I said the purgatory is only a result of the law of cause and effect. God is the All, and the All cannot be jealous, for if it was jealous that would imply that there is something it desires, and it would be incomplete and not be THE ALL. What could the ALL, the being that is Whole, possibily desire that it does not have existing within it?

    This is just a result of the more primitive nature of man 4000 years ago. As time progresses our Spirit unfolds more and more and as a whole our concept of God reaches a higher and higher nature closer to the truth. In all times there have been men who are advanced thousands of years beyond the rest of the race, the ones we refer to as mystics and prophets and messiahs.

    God is not just a force, the forces are emanations of God. Like I said, God HIMSELF, cannot be comprehended. The finite mind cannot grasp infinity or eternity. Also, the universe is a manifestation of God, not God Himself. The Father is the Universe, the Son is the microcosm/man, and the Holy Ghost is God in true form.

    God is unmanifest, yet most manifest.

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