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Life after death overrated?

Discussion in 'General' started by Gag On Grass, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. ok, so i'm pretty baked right now, and i was just thinking. I have groundhog day or whatever where that guy wakes up like a million times on the same day. But, he eventually rather die then continue it. But, what if heaven is like this? What if when we die, we go to heaven, and just stay there. Do you think we'd eventually get sick of heaven, and there'd be nothing left to do, or maybe even that's what life is, taking a break from heaven. OMG, think i'm comin on to something here
  2. I think basically, it's like your asleep, but not dreaming. Then again this is my perception, I mean ive been whats considered (to a doctor) dead, then awoke with no recolection
  3. If there is an afterlife, it's in a totally different plane/dimension. The whole idea of what existance is may be different, right down to maybe matter isn't even made of atoms. Maybe there isn't matter. The catch is, as we only know one dimension, we can't comprehend another.

    All that you are, your supposed soul, is just electrical impulses/synapses in your brain tissue. When you die, the absorb back in to nature, with nothing to bind them or give them order. They become 'static.'

    So we're not going to continue to exist on this physical plane. Whatever heaven is, is beyond yours, mine, and anyones comprehension. Or there possibly is no afterlife, other than your flesh and synapses ending up in some new living being as they almost for sure will, but there's nothing left to give them order to make them you.
  4. omg yes you are coming on to something, exactly what the hindi thought of approx. 6000 years ago (or more)! That you'd get bored with eternal bliss and thats why we have life. The cycle is what makes things interesting.

    i don't get why people don't go to the other sections of this forum, not just the general section. This musing and more in the spirituality & philosophy section!
  5. sorry, i tend to post pretty much everything in general, since everything does belong in general :p
  6. no problems, just know that there is some real interesting ideas elsewhere here.
  7. Going with my theory, if we're meant to stay in "heaven" for an eternity, it would be entirely possible that whoever put us there takes away our concept of boredom. Or whatever-part-of-us-that-continued-on may have evolved beyond the need for boredom.
  8. yep in Christian heaven you're too busy praising God to be bored.
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  9. Roflc0pt3r
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  10. Any one seen acid house, or read the book, episode 1, to me sums up god.
  11. I believe heaven is just a goal that people can look forward to when busting their asses their whole lives. If people knew that there was nothing after life but an endless void, there would be a hell of a lot more welfare and people living life instead of working.
  12. I really dont think we would be prasing GOD in heaven cause you see him so whats the point. What if after a while a while Jesus starts to annoy you bragging of how he saved you would you tell GOD or ignore him :smoking: Im high. But I dont think heaven is boring cause you could probally expereince emotions and feelings at random ex. love Epills ectasy 24/7 on call so is weed, love,happiness yada yada. Im high :wave:
  13. If there is an afterlife, we would move beyond our physical dimension, removing time from our perception. If we have no perception of passing time, boredom would not be an issue.
  14. Whats funny is how society and science has put a barrier on the human mind. You have it, i have it. Its the barrier that makes things seem impossible. Ask yourself, why is it so hard to believe in Heaven??Why can't we magically just slip into some another time/dimension??? Because you wont let yourself comprehend that. It's funny how the human mind can have so much imagination yet absolutely no faith in what they imagine.

    My pastor at a Lutheran church I go to randomly had a really cool idea. Hes a surfer and very down to earth. He opened up with a bible verse about seeing the light or something and he began to analyze just what heaven might be. When you're in Heaven time supposedly stands still outside of this world. 1,000 years seems like a day. Pastor Max began to explain that heaven could possibly be in this reality, in this world. But in the form of Light....E=mc^2(sqrd) alot of you understand this equation. And if you do, you know that once you approach the speed of light changes begin happening. Time starts to slow down rapidly, reaching to the speed of light, time is at a stand still. So Max explained that he had this idea and read about it on many other occassions before he had the guts to spill his thoughts within church. It was alot more complex as he was explaing it, but it was a VERY interesting idea none the less. Anyone else ever heard of this theory??

    It's pretty far out to think about. Also so many have the idea of reincarnation, which isn't hard to believe either. Energy can nor be created or destroyed, only transferred or harnessed. So the idea that energy transforms into other living matter is believable. BUT I just refuse to believe that you die and thats it...That my life didn't mean something to some higher power.
    Anyway, I'm gonna go wrap more presents that I've been procrastinating.
  15. Threads great, Want to hear more.
  16. That's exactly what I already said in two posts, just put in to one... :D I need to simplify my shit more lol.
  17. Perhaps 'Heaven' is the time you spend after your physical life before returning to a physical state. So when you die, your 'soul' or 'energy' seeps into nature, and in that state, you feel bliss and whatnot. And however long it takes for that energy to be summoned into a pysical body and be reborn is how long you spend in 'heaven'. Just a thought, my brain is still thinking from the shrooms.
  18. Perhaps heaven is whatever we believe it to be while we are still alive. Consciousness and choice is a very powerful combination, maybe we're capable of much more than we imagined... or rather capable of what we imagine :D.

    That means the Christian will get his eternal ecstasy in heaven, praising God
    The atheist will get his eternal sleep
    The atheist that made the spiritual "jump" on his deathbed will get his wish
    And the agnostic will get... something totally random??
  19. It won't be random at all, we'll get exactly what all agnostics want; a) To finally know in cold hard truth if there is a god or not, b) we'll get to find out if God is understanding enough, as the Christians like to claim he is (yet they also claim so many of us will be going to hell...) to understand our taking a step back and looking at God's and our existance in a logical way.

    Agnostic's, in my observation, are usually the more observant of our species, and are the ones who don't just ask what the meaning of life is, why we exist, those sorts of questions... we're the ones who try and find the answer. Also it seems that we're the ones who realize if there is an answer, we aren't meant to know it.

    So maybe, our heaven will be a state of knowledge.

    Personally, I almost hope for a Christian heaven, which implies it's more of another version of our current world... because if I don't get to jam with Hendrix, then I don't give a shit about the afterlife.

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