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  1. Hey everyone, this thread is dedicated to your lids. have a favorite one? post a pic! give a little background info about how you got the hat or why you like it so much.

    This is my green/black adidas hat. i have a matching pair of Adidas shoes all black w. the white logo and green laces. my buddy bought it for me before he was deployed to Kuwait in the Army. kinda a way to keep him wit me wherever i go. i always wear this hat (well, almost always)

    Your turn.

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  2. $4 at an ABC store :D

  3. [​IMG]

    I luv to wear backwards baseball caps :hello:
  4. Flordia Marlins FTW

    hat goes hard
  5. [​IMG]

    Plus the occasional Bandana.
  6. Cuz i keeps it real
    real gay-like
  7. Usually all I wear on my head is either this blue and black string headband I made, or a bandana like as a headband, or my simple blue beanie (from walmart) which I lost.

    I have a large head and a lot of hair so hats don't fit me well. XD
  8. i rock this like its nbd

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  9. Thats great ^
  10. I rock my customs, take an all white hat, and go to town on it with some graff
  11. thanks man 8 bucks at target couldnt pass that up. and trust me, bitches loves it
  12. three words : old english d
  13. i have a ton of hats, mostly blue jays and red wings but a lot of other sports teams too, and a few non-sports hats
    this isn't my fav. blue jays hat for its looks, but b/c it got the jays 2 world series
    you cant help but love cito gaston
  14. Take any black t-shirt, cut off arm sleeve, put on head.

    My lid. :)

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